Phil McIntyre Live Ltd are delighted to announce that fan favourite comedian Milton Jones has announced a brand new tour HA!MILTON. The show kicks off in London on 3rd September and runs until 15th December 2024. Tickets are available via pre-sale on 6th March with general on sale taking place on the 8th March and are available from

Milton Jones, hailed as the king of the one-liner, is gearing up to embark on a highly anticipated tour that promises to leave audiences in stitches. With his trademark quirky style and lightning-fast wit, Milton has been captivating audiences with his clever wordplay and surreal humour and HA!MILTON is set to be his best yet. His unique ability to craft punchy, memorable jokes has earned him widespread acclaim, making each of his shows a must-see event for comedy enthusiasts everywhere. As he prepares to take the stage once again, fans eagerly anticipate an evening filled with laughter and unforgettable comedic moments courtesy of the incomparable Milton Jones. Topics include giraffes… and there’s a bit about tomatoes.

Milton Jones said: “This is not a musical. I am tone deaf and have no sense of rhythm, but at least I don’t make a song and dance about it. This is a whole new show of daftness. You know it makes sense”.

Milton Jones regularly appeared on Mock the Week (BBC2) and has also appeared on Live at the Apollo(BBC1), Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow (BBC1) and House of Games (BBC2). Milton is currently working on his 15th series for Radio 4 and performs regularly on the BBC classic Sorry I Haven’t a Clue, including appearing on their last UK Tour. Milton’s previous tour shows, Milton Impossible, Milton Jones is Out There, Milton Jones On The Road, each performed to over one hundred thousand people. He is a Perrier Best Newcomer winner and Best Show Nominee as well as having won two Sony Awards and received a British Comedy Award nominee. Milton is the author of Where Do Comedians Go When They die? along with 10 Second Sermon’sand Even more Concise 10 Second Sermons.

Tickets are available via pre-sale on 6th March and general on sale on 8th March and are available from

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