Last year, ‘Dave’s Best Joke Of The Fringe’ winner Olaf Falafel threw the ashes of his dead cat over his audience – he promises he won’t be doing that again but he will be offering up another hostess trolley full of stuff he finds funny.

Expect some fishing for insults, maybe a bit of his trademark Biscuitology and more of his celebrated one-liners.

Look What Fell Out of My Head is Olaf’s most probing show yet. Literally. So watch out for that. This show contains plenty of the daft audience participation that his fans have come to love. The previous two sentences are related [wink emoji].

Something else that hasn’t changed – it will be stupid, and it will be funny.

Olaf Falafel is an author, illustrator and a stand-up comedian. His stupidly named comedy shows, including Olaf Falafel and the Cheese Of Truth, have been packed with sublime gags, including the ones that won him Dave’s Joke of the Fringe and that have been repeatedly been featured in best joke selections in broadsheet newspapers.

As well as trying to make people laugh on stage, Olaf writes and illustrates children’s books including Trixie Pickle Art Avenger and the picture book Blobfish (‘Fish it out, it’s blobby good.’ Alex O’Connell, The Times).

Olaf also has an Art Club on YouTube full of drawing tips and facts about famous artists. His school author events are, to quote some actual teachers “by far the best we’ve ever had” and “packed full of fun”.

Olaf will be bringing back Olaf Falafel’s Super Stupid Show to the Fringe this year. It’s an hour of really stupid kids’ comedy plus a drawing lesson and possibly something that involves fishing, ducks, bumbags and sausages. It’s family-friendly frivolity that will leave you feeling a lot less intelligent than when you walked in, in fact the show is 20% more stupider than it was last year.

Be there or be a dodecahedron.

Olaf Falafel: Look Out What Fell Out Of My Head

Venue: Laughing Horse @ The Pear Tree

Fringe Venue Number: 257
Dates: 3 – 27 Aug (not 16) 2023
Time: 3.45pm (15.45)
Age: 12+
Duration: 60 minutes
Entry: Free (donations)

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