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Rob Beckett – A Class Act

A Class Act is a funny, candid, often moving account of what it feels like to be an outsider

Rob Beckett never seems to fit in. At work, in the middle-class world of television and comedy, he’s the cockney geezer but to his mates down the pub in south-east London, he’s the theatrical one, a media luvvy. Even his wife and kids are posher than him.

In this hilarious exploration of class, Rob tries to understand the life he lived growing up as a working-class kid in comparison to the life he lives now. Will he ever favour a craft beer over strong lager? When did it become normal for kids to eat sushi? Is he still working class? Why does he feel so embarrassed about success? And, will it ever be acceptable to serve pie mash on a wooden board?

Tackling the questions big and small, A Class Act is a funny, candid, often moving account of what it feels like to be an outsider and why actually that’s the best (slightly awkward) place to be.Rob Beckett says: ‘I am so excited to announce that I have written a book. I have actually written it myself with no ghost writer, just me! I never thought it would be possible but I have done it. My incredibly well educated and beautiful wife (the beautiful part is true but mainly included for brownie points) has said and I directly quote from her“It’s actually a really good book. I thought it was going to be terrible andI would have to lie to you about it but it’s actually great”.

I’m claiming that as the best review I will ever receive. I have been in lockdown for over a year with Lou and she pretty much hates me and everything I stand for. So the fact she thinks this book is great speaks volumes. Please buy it immediately as it’s taken me absolutely ages. ’Kelly Ellis says:‘Rob Beckett has had the most productive lockdown I’ve seen. He’s managed to carry on filming hit TV shows, like Rob & Romesh Vs, created one of the biggest podcasts of the year withLockdown Parenting Hell and now he’s written an absolutely brilliant book! He’s unstoppable and we are so excited to be working him.A Class Act is a true reflection of Rob. It’s very, very funny but also incredibly perceptive, and it’s something that everyone can relate to regardless of their background.It’s an absolute gem.

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