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Sam Nicoresti: Cancel Anti-Wokeflake Snow Culture

A multimedia surrealist hour from comedy’s odd prince of overthinking.

Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year 2021, Sam Nicoresti will solve the gender debate in under an hour or your money back! Free show.

Sam’s mission to get a Netflix special by cynically becoming a right-wing culture war comedian backfires when they inconveniently realise they’re genderqueer. However, major streaming services will be glad to know that in order to combat this unmarketable ‘snowflake perspective’ Sam Nicoresti has invented…Nam Sicoresti: their ire-driven alter ego cruelly cancelled for “the consequences of things he said and did?!”.

Nam will be telling it like it is whilst complaining about being no-platformed, live from a stage at one of the biggest platforms in the world for a month. Nam even has a trick up his sleeve, a hilarious ‘woke-lefty-snowflake’ character called…Sam Nicoresti: a stand-up ‘comedian’ with hot takes on queer identity, pronouns and *yawn* the right to exist!

In a push-and-pull between the two personas, cancel culture and identity politics collide with more traditional comedy topics like ‘Is there a soul?’ and ‘Can you sell it to the devil for a show on GB News?’ Will there be a winner from the maelstrom of opinion and counter opinion? Probably not, but it will be fun trying.

A multimedia surrealist hour from comedy’s odd prince of overthinking.

Sam Nicoresti is a writer, performer and award winning comedian from Birmingham. He is known for his blending of stand-up, surreal theatre, film and music to create one-person shows that explore consciousness, identity, and cosmic horror.

His first show ‘Bedtime’ was a midnight cult-hit at Edinburgh Fringe 2018. In 2019 he followed it up with ‘UFO’, a show about trans-dimensional loneliness which transferred to The Soho Theatre in 2021. In December of that year he was crowned Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year.

Along with ‘friend’ Tom Burgess he is one half of far-brow comedy dyad ‘Sam and Tom’, who were Sketch Off! Finalists 2018. He is also an indispensable member of the Weirdos comedy group, and cult comedy anti-competition The Glang Show.

He is currently developing a radio adaptation of his Soho Theatre show, a podcast on gardening.

He lives in North London and is also a film-maker, musician and friend to cats.

Title: Sam Nicoresti: Cancel Anti-Wokeflake Snow Culture
Venue: Venue 156 PBH’s Free Fringe @ The Banshee Labyrinth
Fringe Venue Number: 156
Dates: 6-28 August
Press from: 7th August
Time: 8.55pm / 20:55
Age: 18+
Duration: 50 minutes
Entry: Free