Teaching and podcasting sensations the Two Mr Ps have announced they’ll be taking their award-winning podcast on a new string of 40 live dates across the UK in 2022 : Two Mr Ps in a Podcast (LIVE).

Playing across the country from Tuesday 22nd February – Sunday 24th July 2022, brothers Lee and Adam Parkinson will delight audiences with hilarious stories from their experiences of teaching on the front line in the nation’s primary schools, reminisce on their own childhood school days and celebrate the never-dull world of education.

Lee Parkinson (Mr P) has been a primary school teacher for 14 years. Still working part-time in school and leading training sessions in schools across the UK, he has since become one of the most followed teachers on social media in the UK, sharing both ideas & his hilarious insights into life as a class teacher.

Three years ago, he and his younger brother Adam Parkinson (who also works in a primary school as a HLTA) started their hit podcast – Two Mr Ps in a Podcast. Within a year, it had sat as the number one education podcast, amassed over 4 million episode listens and won the Listeners’ Choice Award at the Podcast for Business Awards 2021.

In the weekly episodes, the Two Mr Ps share all of the uproarious ins and outs of life in a modern day classroom, awkward parents’ evenings, funny smells & spelling list blunders, whilst reading out cringe-inducing classroom confessions sent in by fellow teachers and interviewing celebrity guests (most recently Tom Fletcher). You can listen to episodes of the podcast here.

On the new dates announced for 2022, Lee Parkinson said: “Two Mr Ps in a Podcast has been a joy to make. It’s an educational podcast where you don’t really learn anything! We love focusing on the weird and wonderful world of primary school life and I think everyone, not just teachers, will be able to relate to the universal experiences we’re going to have fun dissecting on this tour – after all, everyone went to school! We’re on a mission to prove that teachers are actually human and have a wicked sense of humour.”

Adam Parkinson said: “We came up with the idea three years ago on a family holiday to Florida while we were sharing funny stories from school. Three years later we’ve had over four million listens and have performed sold-out live shows – it’s been amazing and I can’t wait to get back on the road with these new dates in 2022!” 


In August 2021, Lee and Adam released their highly anticipated debut book ‘Put A Wet Paper Towel On It: The Weird and Wonderful World of Primary Schools’ which became a number 2 Sunday Times Bestseller. It is set for release as a paperback on 14th April 2022.

What do teachers really mean when they say a child is a ‘lively character’? Why should parents always check the Show and Tell items their kids have brought with them before they reach school? ‘Homemade cakes’ – the words that are enough to send shivers down any teacher’s spine… These are just a few of the things Adam and Lee teach readers about in the book, as they show why primary school kids are the weirdest, funniest, most disgusting creatures in the world!

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