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10 questions with …. Stand Alone

TotalNtertainment was able to grab Stand Alone for a quick 10 questions with …. ahead of the new #360Raw event in Leeds on 23/02/18

Interview by Graham Finney

10 questions with …. STAND ALONE

Hi, could you give us a quick introduction to your band?

We’re a 7-piece J-pop band from the Isle of Man. No seriously, we’re a 3-piece power hard rock band from Bradford combining crushing riffs with sweet vocal harmonies.

Complete the sentence: You’ll love our band if you’re a fan of …

Bald guys, blonde vest wearers, lanky white jean donning so-and-so’s … and catchy tunes with an edge. 

Where can people hear your music?

In their bedrooms, on the bus, trains, planes, cars, iTunes, Spotify AND our official music video is on YouTube. Search “Stand Alone Save You” on any of these platforms.

How did you get involved in #360RAW? And how does it feel to be involved in the opening night?

We’ve played the 360 club a few times now and Alan Raw has played us on BBC introducing a few times too so it’s a pleasure to combine both. Both Alan and Richard are really supportive of the music scene so we can’t wait to play. It seems like a great opportunity to really sell ourselves and hopefully take our career to the next level.

Nights like #360RAW show that the music scene for new talent is thriving across Yorkshire. What are your thoughts on that scene?

We love being part of that scene; it can definitely be over saturated at times but then when you play with a decent band or two and your fans become their fans and vice versa, it makes it a great community to be a part of. 

What are the ups and downs of being in a young band trying to make a breakthrough?

Playing in front of people is definitely something all three of us three get a buzz off. But it’s like a drug; once you’ve had a taste you just want more and there’s no shortcut to getting more. Some gigs aren’t great so they leave you feeling down and unsure where to go. Every band has those gigs, though. Luckily, we thrive in each other’s presence so we get through tough situations by generally being idiots.

What are your goals for the next 12 months and beyond?

More fans, more shows. Build a bigger community by talking to our audience more. People say it’s all about the music – which it is – but let’s be honest, it’d be nice if we could make money from selling tickets and merchandise so we can put it back into the band and create a better production overall. *hint*hint* (merchandise available at *hint*hint* We will also be releasing our next EP along with three singles and seeing where that takes us.

Do you have any good – or bad – stories from playing gigs across Yorkshire?

Any gig where the sound is terrible has always been a no go for us. Not only does it make us look bad but we come away from the gig feeling like you’ve played badly, which might be the case if you can’t hear your own vocals. Fortunately, that isn’t the case at 360 so it’ll be on point! 

We saw someone at Leeds Festival in a T-shirt that said DON’T MESS WITH YORKSHIRE on the front – what would you have printed on the back?

“You’ll never Stand Alone”

Thanks for your time. Is there anything you want to say ahead of the gig at #360RAW?

We hope everyone has a good show, we are trying to get as many people down as possible so if you’re going, invite your friends, if you want tickets you can buy them from us at Most of all, see you down the front for some sweaty loud rock.