1. Thanks for your time. Could you tell us in a couple of sentences who ADMT is?

I’m just a guy from Doncaster who writes tunes and talks a lot of rubbish, to be honest. I guess I just love making music and hope that people can relate to and enjoy what I make as much as I enjoy making it.

2. How did you get started out on a musical path and what are your ambitions?

I started musically out as an annoying 8-year-old begging my mum to play drums; eventually she let up and this is just where I’ve ended up haha. My number one ambition is to do something I love with my life and be able to live from that. I think experience is soul food and music seems to be blessing me with a lot of experiences I couldn’t really have ever imagined, so my ambitions are basically to be happy and I definitely get that from music.

3. For someone playing your style, how many opportunities are there within the Yorkshire music scene?

I actually think there are some wicked opportunities in Yorkshire and the North in general. BBC Introducing being one I would mention; also, venues and music nights such as 360 Club and #360RAW10 are doing masses for artists and bands alike, and it only seems to be getting better up here. It’s almost like there’s a buzz in the Yorkshire at the moment so it’s really exciting.

4. On that note, how helpful are gigs like #360RAW10?

So, so helpful, especially for an artist like myself who has only been a solo artist for a relatively short amount of time. Gigs like #360RAW10 to me are essential, in my opinion, in your growth as an artist. Additionally, as important as the shows themselves are, the people who put on these events and who continue to be a huge source of advice in regards to the music industry, performance and generally helping out whenever possible for them. A lot of which you couldn’t really learn unless you have had a vast experience of the industry beforehand; it’s actually quite special.

5. You’ve got a new single out shortly called Rivers; what can you tell us about the song?

The song is basically about being sorry. I think we have all had experiences or been in places past or more recently that we would have handled differently, or have made mistakes or have regrets, so it’s about understanding you could have gone about things better and kind of holding your hands up and apologising. It was produced by one of my favourite producers ever, a guy called Cassell The Beatmaker, a drummer originally who plays for some of my favourite artists, and was written with an incredibly talented friend Tom Prendergast. The whole process was a bit of a dream for me to be honest.

6. Your biog states James Brown is a massive influence; when did you first discover his music and what was it that made such an impact on you?

I think being a drummer originally has had a big impact on me, and James Brown for me was just pure funk. I loved it, along with Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and most of the Motown artists I came across. I actually found him, and pretty much most of the stuff I listen to, quite late on by checking out the majority of Leeds College of Music’s RnB and Soul section of CDs from the library and downloading the lot to my iPod.

7. Following #360RAW10 and the release of River, what can we expect from you in terms of gigs and new music?

Loads of new music coming in the remainder of this year and into 2020! I’m actually mad excited. It feels relatively early in terms of this chapter of my life so it’s a good vibe. I’ll also be hoping to play some festivals next summer and get my timely summer red glow haha. And also, I’m looking forward to jumping back in and writing with and meeting some new people; I’ve been so blessed this year to be lucky enough to have written with some incredible people, so hopefully loads more of that too.

8. If we were to have a conversation in 12 months’ time, at what stage would you like your career to be?

Hopefully and most importantly I’ll be happy and still loving what I do to the extent I am now, preferably even more. By that time I plan to have an EP out and be playing shows in as many different places as I can. It would be incredible to support someone internationally so fingers crossed.

9. Curveball question: if you could be Batman or Robin which would you choose and why?

Probably Robin, I feel Batman is a bit too tough for me to pull off …

10. Thanks for your time. One last chance to persuade people to come and see you at #360RAW10 …

In all honesty, I think it’s gonna be a sick night; all the acts I’m lucky enough to share a stage with are incredible, including someone I’ve worked with closely in Link Lewis. I’ve never seen him live so I’m mad excited, and there’s gonna be beer to so it’s a no brainer. Good vibes, alcohol, non-school night. How can you say no?

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