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10 Questions with …. Basil Brush

Fresh from appearances on The Last Leg (Channel 4) and Celebrity Juice (ITV2), join Basil as he gives his comedic take on everything from Love Island to Westminster in his trademark anarchic style, with different guests nightly.

With the Edinburgh Fringe Festival on the horizon, nation treasure Basil Brush took some time out to have a quick chat with us.

1. So, you’re performing at Edinburgh Fringe Festival this month, what are you expecting from it ?

I’m expecting full houses, lots of laughs, some of them will be in the right places and I’m hoping that Mr Martin and myself will be warmly received by the Edinburgh crowds having never performed here before and I’m also expecting to see some wonderful shows and may even get to play at being a human statue on princes street, I’m really good at statues!

2. On the comedy circuit Edinburgh is such an important event. What are you hoping to get out of it ?

It’s very important for all things funny, so I’m hoping to have a laugh, a good time, some late evenings and some early mornings, I hear shows go on all night, but then I’m nocturnal …also I hope to get lots of jelly babies, cos that’s what I’m getting paid in if it goes well.

3. What can fans who choose to check out your show expect from it ?

They can expect a bit of this, a bit of that and lots of the other, if you are coming to the family show lots of this and that, all things you’d expect from a basil brush family show …comedy on so many levels it should be in a car park …believe me the family show has plenty for the grown ups …don’t think there isn’t …the unleashed show is full of those grown up bits and more …dating apps , reading my new book 50 shades of orange, and lots of audience participation…..both shows are great in fact you’ll go to one and then the other …..

4. Your Edinburgh shows is described as one for the adults – how adult-rated is it ?

Don’t think adult means adult content cos that would get me closed down …I will still be basil brush as you would, it’s for grown up children, folks always say they wish they were young again, well this show will allow you to let your hair down and let it all hang out, so to speak. Expect the unexpected, celebrity guests and chats, it is Graham Norton meets crackerjack!

5. Who is your least favourite celebrity animal and why ?

My least favourite celebrity animal is the shark in jaws cos you can see the join and it’s not real…I’m a real life talking fox all the others are imposters, in fact some of my animal friends are puppets …you can tell the difference …I’m real….

6. Basil Brush is described as a national treasure, do you think your adult show will offend/shock people who grew up with your as a childhood icon ?

National treasure like the Crown Jewels wow, I’m worth billions …can I live in the tower ? Don’t worry no one will be offended, it’s good clean naughty fun, as you would expect, lots of innuendo, lots of letting your self go and lots of did he really just say that …you never know as well you might find my profile on one of those dating apps, any one want a date with a talking fox ?

7. Any plans to take your adult show on the road? What essential items does a fox need on his Ryder/tour bus ?

We are heading off to a few theatre after Edinburgh, the Lowry, Plymouth , Southampton among many others …my Ryder means that my dressing rooms need to be painted orange , jelly babies in pots and a driver called Reg…so I can say ‘car Reg !’

8. One of your topics is Love Island, if you could share an island with five other celebrity animals who would you want to share it with and why ?

Ok being on love island would be totally different to being on an island! if it’s just an Island

Larry the Downing Street cat would be great to have on an island for a laugh of what has been going on at number 10;…he would have lots of stories , lassie would get us back home from anywhere if we got lost, sooty wouldn’t have a lot to sayer himself so wouldn’t be too annoying and could magic us anything we needed , and miss piggy would be there to boss us all around and make sure no one stepped out of line ….on love island I just need forget celebrity animals … Kylie Minogue ….Boom Boom !

9. Curveball question – Hollywood made a movie about your life, which human actor would you like to see play the lead role as you?

They’ve already made a movie about me called fantastic mr fox …great story , also they were going to make Locks Fox and two smoking Basils, BOOM BOOM ! I think Kylie is my height so she could play me, they did cross casting in Shakespeare’s day so why not Kylie playing me … I should be so lucky lucky lucky lucky !

10. After Edinburgh, what are your plans for the rest of 2019?

After Edinburgh it’s a short tour, a lie down and then straight into Panto ! Theatre royal Windsor in Aladdin …I’ve been there now for 7 years and I’m hoping Harry and Megan will bring Archie across to see the show …and I promise I won’t ask for a selfie! Well maybe just a little one !

You can find all the details for Basil’s show including tickets here