10 Questions with Big Image ….

Staking their claim to be one of the next big things in the UK, Birmingham four-piece BIG IMAGE have launched with the euphoric anthem PARALLEL LOVE AFFAIR. With smart and world-weary lyricism, and arms-around-shoulders sentiment, the single presents itself as transformative pop for the masses. See what they had to say here.

1. Thanks for your time. We’re nearing the end of 2021; how would you sum up the last twelve months for Big Image?
A butterfly emerging from a cocoon.

2. Your new single Parallel Love Affair is inspired by a situation close to you. What was it about that situation that inspired you to write the song?
Luke and Connor wrote Parallel Love Affair in lockdown, and I was blown away with it when they sent it to us all. It’s about a couple that he knows that were having relationship problems and the story is about hearing both sides of it.

3. You have an EP and album coming over the next twelve months. Can you tell us about the new music and some of the themes that have inspired you?
All the music that’s coming was written in lockdown, so obviously there’s a lot of themes that tie into that. It’s the best we’ve ever sounded and were so excited to show the world.

4. You also changed your name from Ivory Wave to Big Image. What prompted the change and how do you think the new name is more suited to the band?
To cut a long story short, we had been around a bit, so we thought ‘let’s refresh’ and here we are.

5. Do you think the change would have happened had it not been for lockdown?
No, I don’t. Lockdown gave us the ability to sit back and think about a lot of things to do with the band. In a way it was a gift for us to stop and to be able to consider everything.

6. You’ve said you want your music to appeal to a wide range of music fans. Who are your inspirations?
We’ve always said that we don’t like the snobbery that often comes with guitar music. People might feel like they’re not allowed to like pop music because it doesn’t go with their leather jacket or hairstyle and for us, we hate that. We want everyone to feel welcome at our shows. So, our tastes are all totally different, we love all different kinds of music.

7. As we said, you hit the restart button during lockdown, what did you learn about yourselves during that time?
I really feel like it made us even more hungry.

8. And now you’re able to gig again, what touring plans do you have?
We always say that our best asset is our live show. So, in 2022 we’re going to play everywhere and anywhere. We want to show the world who Big Image are.

9. Just for fun, if you were a refrigerator what’s the one thing that you would hate to keep and why?
I’m not sure if this is actually kept in the fridge but marmite … it’s RANK.

10. Big plans for Big Image in 2022. Do you want to prepare our readers for what Big Image will bring to the party in 2022?
There will be new music straight into the new year, with a load more tunes to follow. Plus a few surprises along the way …

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