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10 Questions with …. Bloodhound

Max from Bloodhounds talked to us about festival stories, Rifffest and more. Make sure you follow the link to get your tickets

With Rifffest only a few days away, Max Lilley from the band kindly gave us a few mins of his time to answer a few questions for us.

1. So, you’re appearing at Rifffest at the weekend, how did you get involved?

I met Adam from Brooders about a year ago when they came and played The Sesh in Hull and absolutely loved their style, so I got to know him a bit more. They then stepped in last minute to support us at our headline show in Hull in June. Then, when we recorded our latest single with them, Adam mentioned he was trying to put an all-dayer on in Leeds and asked if we wanted to be involved. We didn’t hesitate to say yes. (And sorry for the long backstory.)

2. Are there any of the other bands that you’re particularly looking forward to checking out?

We have been told a lot of very good things about Adore//Repel. After a gig once, someone suggested we got involved with them, and I was about to make contact when I saw they were announced on the Rifffest bill. So, I guess it was meant to be! We’re very excited to meet Hands Off Gretel too, as Adam from Brooders is always singing their praises. We’ve seen Faux Pas, Household Dogs, Brooders and False Advertising before, and they are all absolutely class acts, so we’re really excited to see them all again.

3. What can the audience expect from your set?

We’re usually a very active band; we don’t like to stand still for very long. Expect to be consumed by some spacey riffs and bathed in lots of reverb. I’ve recently got a new bit of kit too, so expect there to be some weird additions to our sound. We’re trying to kick 2019 off with a few changes.

4. Rifffest is a great way to start 2019; what plans do you have for the rest of the year?

It definitely is; I can’t think of a better first gig to play. We’re going to be knocking about in Hull during February and playing a few shows, which will be ace. We’ll be doing a lot more recording and trying to finish off this massive batch of material we have, then releasing that over the year with some singles and maybe something bigger towards the end of the year. Lots more shows as well, for sure; we’re looking at getting out and about more and playing in some cities we haven’t played before. We are also trying to get involved with Record Store Day in April and hopefully put on a show and maybe release some vinyl. Who knows!

5. Do you have any good festival stories, either as a band or a punter?

I’m not ashamed to admit that I threw up in a portaloo at a festival in 2017. Lots of cider and blazing sun is not a good mixture, I can tell you that for nothing. It was one of my finer moments. I also had a funny conversation with Imagine Dragons about cheese at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in 2017. What a funny bunch.

6. What advice would you give someone going to their first festival this summer?

Make sure to go prepared with all the stuff you need. I know that sounds blindingly obvious but, sometimes, people get caught up in conversations with their mates and they get a rubbish tent and a colossal amount of alcohol. Then you’re cold and your head hurts and you feel like you’re not having fun. I’d also really recommend planning who you’re going to see in advance, and just get out there and enjoy it. So many people miss so much music because they are lounging around in their tent when they could be discovering someone they actually really love.

7. What five items would you say are essential for anyone attending a festival this summer?

Portable charger; water bottle; camping chair; sun cream; toilet roll. The camping chair is probably the most important. It’s like musical chairs if one of your camp doesn’t bring one.

8. As a music fan, which riffs from any band make the hairs on your neck stand up; and are there any riffs that you wish you’d written?

The riff from Bloc Party’s We Are Not Good People is such a class riff and I kind of wish I’d written it, purely because it’s so painstakingly simple but it rocks. I love a lot of the riffs that Everything Everything have as well. There is one at the end of Ivory Tower which is mega, and the one in Big Game is just huge, and you don’t expect it from Everything Everything but it’s ace.

9. If you could put together your own grunge / classic rock festival, which five bands would be on it and who would be your headliner?

That’s a big question. I think I would have the festival headlined by Nine Inch Nails; I love them to pieces. I’d then put on Demob Happy, Arcane Roots, The Joy Formidable, Death From Above and Interpol, in no particular order, but that would be one hell of a festival.

10. Thanks for your time. We’ll give you one last chance to tell everyone why they should come to check out your set at Rifffest at the weekend?

Absolutely my pleasure, thank you. It’s going to be one of the best days for upcoming Northern grunge music. It’s one of your only chances this year to see some of the most incredible talent from all ends of the M62. Plus, it’s on a Saturday and only a tenner. I don’t think I can sell it much more than that. Haha.

The event will take place at Leeds Lending Room on Saturday 26 January from 5pm until 11pm.

TIER 1 Tickets: £5 [SOLD OUT] | TIER 2 Tickets: £7 | On the Door: £10
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