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10 Questions with Bull, Yorkshires newest indie heros

Having just released their debut album and a tour on the horizon, we got some time to have a quick chat, see below

10 Questions with Bull….

Having just released their debut album and a tour on the horizon, we got some time to have a quick chat with Yorkshires own, Bull.

1. Thanks for your time. So, Discover Effortless Living is out, how does that feel seeing it actually out for people to hear and what have you made of the reaction so far? 

We’re super excited to release the album after such a long wait, after finishing the recording back in March were genuinely so pleased with the reaction from press and rock fans alike!

2. You’re heading out on tour later this year, what will you miss most about leaving Yorkshire behind for a few weeks? 

Yes! We’re touring the UK and Ireland for 6 weeks in September and October. We’ll really miss those home comforts drinking in the Green Dragon, dancing with Rosie, setting off fireworks and stealing veg from Farmer Maggot’s crop.

3. You must have had some great nights in York pre-lockdown? Tell us one of your favourite gig stories from York? 

Supporting Warmduscher at The Crescent (one of our favourite venues in the world!) alongside York band Perspex, has to be one of the most fun nights we’ve ever had! Everyone played a kickass rockshow, it also happened to be the night the deal fell on our lap, what a ride!

4. Tell us about the album then, what sort of things are inspiring songs like Green, Love Goo, and Eugene? 

Theresh alwaysh a girl

5. The songs were written over a period of  2012 and  2020, do the older songs still have the same meaning as they did when they were first written? 

The meaning of a song often changes over the years, sometimes the original meaning and relevance can be attributed to something very different, sometimes it can be spooky. But I’m no mystic.

6. You spent a number of years obviously building up to this point, was there a time when you noticed things started changing for Bull? 

The current lineup has been playing together since early 2017 and have since toured UK, Europe and US which suppose is when we started to approach the band in a more professional manner

7. For a band who have now got what a lot of new bands are aspiring to achieve, what advice would you give those bands and, throughout your journey, what has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned? 

The advice we can give to any aspiring bands would be to show some respect for money, show some respect for class, give some regard to the people making nuthin, what we gunna do about that?

Worst job I’ve ever had? Working at a strip club in Leeds, the tips were terrible (Kai)

9. Just for laughs, now you’re obviously going to be super rich rockstars with an album and a major record deal, what is the one extravagance you can’t wait to spend your royalty cheques on? 


10. A lot of people are making a big deal about you being the first band from York since Shed Seven to sign a major record deal. Just to finish, what would you like the one memory people have of Bull to be? 

That people see our record and say ‘hey there goes the band who solved the worlds biggest Rubiks Cube™, such a waste

York’s alt rock songsmiths, Bull released their debut album ‘Discover Effortless Living’ on the 26th March by EMI Records, in conjunction with Young Thugs. You can read our review here https://www.totalntertainment.com/music/discover-effortless-living-bull-album-review/

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