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10 Questions with …. Chay Snowdon

Once you hear frontman Chay Snowdon’s incredibly unique and powerful voice, you’ll understand why. Their gritty, infectious real-talk rock sits somewhere in between Catfish and The Bottlemen and Kings Of Leon – overflowing with passion from start to finish and it’s resulted in them selling out their own headline shows time and time again.

With Chay Snowdon’s new single ‘Men Cry Too’ out now (see below) we got a chance to have a quick catch up.

1. For those of our readers who don’t know who you, could you tell us a bit about the band in a few sentences?

Sure thing! We are an Indie Rock n Roll four piece outfit based in Bristol.

2. Your sound has been likened to bands like Catfish & The Bottlemen and Kings of Leon, how would you describe it?

I’d say that was pretty bang on, we’ve taken inspiration from both of those bands! I try and draw influences from lots of genres in order to not get too pigeon holed, I always keep an eye on what the radio stations are playing to see if there’s anything we could incorporate into our sound.

3. In terms of inspirations, which musicians or songs really made an impact on you all?

I’ve been a huge Elvis Presley fan since I can remember, the way he performed his early stuff like Hound Dog and Jailhouse Rock have been massive factors in how we perform live.

4. Your new single Men Cry Too, there have been a number of high profile suicides in the music industry in recent years. Do you think enough is done to support musicians in regards to mental health?

It’s very tricky to speak on behalf of the whole industry. But I do think when artists in the music industry get to a certain point, it’s very easy for people to lose the human element and just say what they want, which must have an effect on the artist. And this isn’t solely the music industry, it seems to be the case with social media on a whole.

5. When you’re touring, how do you get yourself through the hard days?

The fact we all get on so well is a huge help. We can always tell when another member of the band isn’t feeling 100%, so we just give them a bit of space if they need it. The good days far outweigh the tougher days, so you just have to remember that.

6. What would you say are the pros and cons of being a touring band?

The pros are definitely that we get to play music nearly every single night and just having a laugh with your mates. The cons is probably the tiredness that comes with touring, but it’s all part of the experience.

7. You’ve done a number of high profile festivals already, what was that like and what did you learn from it?

They were amazing, it was a great to play them! I think just having the opportunity to watch loads of live acts really helps you learn a thing or two. Being able to say “I love the way they did that” or “I’m not quite so sure about that, but that bit was great!”. I think it’s important to watch as much live music as possible and festivals like that allow you to see a huge variation of genres in such a short amount of time.

8. On a slightly lighter note, Men Cry Too, have there been any movie scenes that have made you really sob?

I can hand on heart say I’ve never cried at a film, but in all honestly Titanic came close …haha!

9. Curveball question. If you could have any superhero power for 24 hours what would you choose and how would you use it?

Hmm … I think I’d go for super speed, imagine how much you could get done!

10.Thanks for your time, now the single is out, what can we expect to see from the band over the next few months and into next year?

Hopefully we will be heading back out on tour again soon! We are of course always working on new music, but it’s hard to say when the next single will be, so for now expect to see us gigging a lot! Thanks.