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10 Questions with …. Clare kelly

With the next hugely successful instalment of #360RAW coming up in the next few weeks Clare Kelly took some time out to answer a few questions for us.

1. Hi Clare, could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, I’m Clare Kelly. I’m an indie alt/folk artist from Leeds writing songs about my experiences and adventures with a bit of grit and a lot of honesty.

2.You’re back with a new single, Less Alone; what can you tell us about it?

I wrote Less Alone when I got back home to Yorkshire, after a long stint of travelling. The song reflects on meeting so many incredible and inspiring people and visiting amazing places.  While I was away, every day was packed full of excitement and possibilities and Less Alone is the aftermath, returning home and having to adjust back to the life I had left behind (not that I don’t love it here!)

3.You spent 18 months travelling; what was the reason behind that and what did you get from taking that time out?

I had finished University and I was working two bar jobs, with any spare minute spent gigging or writing. I decided I needed to get out and explore new terrain, to actually have interesting experiences to write about. Initially, I wanted to spend a year in the US but visa restrictions changed my route to US, Fiji, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia and back to the US again. I treated the whole trip as a DIY tour, I performed in every city I visited and wrote so much! I met musicians everywhere I visited who inspired me to write more. Spending so long on my own has made me incredibly independent in so many aspects of my life.

4.Any good stories you can tell us about your travels, favourite places, memories?

My first three months in the US were without a doubt the best of my life! Every person I met was so generous and hospitable and I’ve made some great friends who I still speak to all the time. I went to 17 states during my time there and I couldn’t choose a single favourite place (maybe New Orleans, Nashville, NYC, Big Sur, San Francisco, Denver?). I adore the sea, so a visit to Fiji was particularly special and enhanced my obsession with mermaids. My favourite songs written while away are mainly based on crazy relationships I got into during my year in Australia though!

5.Would you do it again and, if so, where is on your bucket list?

In a heartbeat, hopefully next time on a funded tour though. Top of my list at the moment is Canada or New Zealand. I love scuba diving so I’d love to go to the Philippines to swim with Whale Sharks too.   

6.Now you’re back, what are your plans for the future following the single?

Less Alone is the first track from my EP, which will be released later in the year, so I’m excited to be finishing off videos and other content for the other tracks.

7.You’ve got a gig at the #360RAW7 night in a few weeks, what can we expect from your set?

I’ll be performing a mixture of older and new works, stripped back and raw.

8.While you were away, what did you miss most about Leeds and Yorkshire?

A proper pint, a scotch egg and the accent. The US and Australia have delicious craft beers but I missed a Leeds Pale ale.

9.Will you be writing new material based on your experiences travelling?

Yes plenty! I’m still fleshing out lyrics I wrote while away to become songs, and writing new ones in reflection of my time spent overseas. I’m always making an effort to keep life exciting here too, so the material keeps rolling out.

10.Finally, tell our readers why they should check out your set and the other acts at #360RAW7?

It’s definitely going to be a great night with an eclectic mix of artists! 360 Club events are always fab, and combining that with Alan Raw’s choice of fresh finds, it’s definitely going to be an entertaining evening.


You can see Clare Kelly and the rest of the bands at the 360 Club in Leeds on 29/03/19. For more information on how the get tickets click the link here.