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10 Questions with Emma Stevens

We got the chance to chat with Emma about being a fish, her new album and more. See below

10 Questions with Emma Stevens

Following on from a clutch of successful teaser singles released over the last six months, Emma Stevens is set to release Light Year, her fourth studio album, on April 30th.We got the chance to chat with Emma about being a fish, her new album and more.

1. You’re gearing up for the release of your fourth album, “Light Year”, what can you tell us about it?
It’s a series of songs I’ve written over the past two years. There is an underlying theme of romanticising out of space, time, hope and togetherness. Some songs to be ethereal and some to be very upbeat and poppy.

2. The title track has a message about feeling distant and removed. Is this or are any of the other tracks inspired by life over the last twelve months?
Light Year is the main song from this album that delves into the ups and downs of the last year, however the new stuff I’m working on now certainly reflects the challenges, but also the positives of this year too.

3. You did a Lockdown Lullabies album, are there any plans to do another and are there any new songs you’ve started to pick up and cover?
No plans yet, but I really enjoyed working on that with Sam and Jake Rommer, so never say never!

4. On a lighter note, have there been any lockdown disasters that you’ll own up to? Haircuts? DIY? Cookery?
Haha. I have been lucky enough not to have experienced any “disasters” but we did have some time to get out in the garden, so my other half and I dug up half the lawn and put in some flower beds – it’s been really fun and good to get my hands in the earth!

5. The new album is described as eclectic, would that be a fair summary and, if so, what sort of thing could we find on your Spotify playlist?
Yes! I am inspired by so many different artists and genres so my inspirations come out in a weird uncontrollable way! The way music has changed I don’t think twice about putting a folk song out followed by a pop song anymore. Expect 90’s pop, James Taylor, Third Eye Blind, Classic FM movies, Foo Fighters, I could go on surprising you! I have a few playlists put together already on Spotify if you’d like to listen 🙂

6. You had a huge hit in China with The Capccino Song, did that surprise you and what’s the story behind it’s success?
Yes that was fun! I was going to China to tour, and decided to write a song for the release – apparently their coffee market was booming so I thought it would be fun to write a little tongue in cheek song about a girl who works as a barista and falls in love with a customer, but as she’s shy the only was she can tell him is by sprinkling a heart of chocolate on his cappucino!

7. When travel restrictions lift, are there any plans to go out to China to perform?
I would love to go out there again and tour, it was incredible and the people were so nice!

8. On the theme of The Cappuccino song, are you the kind of person that needs a coffee or three to get you through the morning or are you up at 6 and straight into the day kind of person?
I usually have a tea in the morning, and then have a coffee a little later on. I’m not wired as a “morning person” – I like to start the day gently! I think that probably comes from years of gigging!

9. Just for fun now, how would you react if you are transformed into a fish?
I would be incredibly worried! The state of the fishing industry is dreadful and I’d not last two seconds these days I don’t think – too much overfishing! Now on the other hand make me a cat and I think I’d have a very happy life!

10. Thanks for your time and good luck with the album, just to finish, what are your hopes and plans for 2021 now life looks like it could be returning to some form of normality?
Thank you SO much. I am touring in November which I am SO excited about. The album comes out on 30th April so a big year. I’m also really looking forward to seeing my family again and being able to hug everyone. It’s been a strange year and I’m looking forward to all the little things as much as the big things.

Thank you so much for your support xx

Light Year is available to pre-order on CD, Digital and Streaming now at https://smarturl.it/LightYearES