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10 Questions with …. Flora Cash

With their new album ‘Baby, it’s ok’ out today and a huge tour starting in a couple of weeks, Flora Cash took some time out to chat with us about heading out on tour and much more.

10 questions with Flora Cash. With their new album ‘Baby, it’s ok’ out today and a huge tour starting in a couple of weeks, Flora Cash took some time out to chat with us about heading out on tour and much more.


1. Thanks for your time, for our readers could you tell us the story behind Flora Cash?
One of us is from Minnesota in the U.S. and the other from Stockholm, Sweden. We met via SoundCloud in 2012. At first our only intention was to collaborate on music but after we starting chatting, we got to know each other and found out we had a lot in common. This eventually turned into a “Skype relationship” where we video chatted every day for about 5 months before finally meeting in person in Minneapolis. We’ve been together and working on music ever since.

2. What are the good and bad points about being a husband/wife group?
Good thing: get to work with each other creatively, which we love doing. Bad thing: we have to work with each other creatively, which can be stressful.

3. You’re heading out on tour in March/April, what are you most looking forward to about going out on the road across America?
The best part about this tour is that it is our first American headline tour and we’re expecting most of the shows to sell out which is really exciting since we will get to play to full rooms of our own fans. We can’t wait for that; it’s a whole different feeling than supporting another band and playing for (primarily) their audience.

4. Where did the name Flora Cash come from?
We don’t have many secrets. This is one of them.

5. You’ve caught the attention of the indie-pop scene with some great press, how do you feel you have changed as a duo since your 2017 debut?
Hopefully our music has evolved for the better; our intention is make each release better than the last.

6. How does the writing process work and what do think makes the pair of you work so well as a duo?
Our writing process is pretty different every time. Sometimes we wish we had a system but on the other hand, creativity is sometimes stifled by too much structure. We do try to be disciplined in our approach, otherwise nothing really gets finished but usually we work
when we’re inspired on some level. We go back and forth a lot on lyrics and try to get everything just right. Our perspective is: don’t be lazy when it comes to writing. If it doesn’t feel brilliant to us, then it could probably be better. We don’t always quite get there, but that’s what we’re aiming for.

7. The EP Press you released last year, is this a good indication of the direction of new music from Flora Cash?
It’s hard to say. We always try to distinguish each release for every other; treat every song like it’s its own entity. Obviously there are patterns and “red threads” because we are what we are, but we’re always trying to evolve our sound while staying true to ourselves.

8. What about Europe? Any plans to come over here? What would you be most excited for from touring across Europe?
We have a bunch of stuff lining up in Europe currently. As of right now we know for sure we’ll be in Sweden, Hungary, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland and Germany and other things are being finalized. It’s going to be a very European 2020 for us.

9. Just for fun, would you go streaking across the field at a major sporting event for $10,000, even if there was a good chance you could end up in jail for indecent exposure?
One of us would definitely do that. We won’t say which!

10. Thanks for your time, apart from the US tour in April, what can we expect from you in 2020?
Thanks for the great questions! We have an album, ‘Baby, It’s Okay’ coming on March 6th which is what we’re supporting on this upcoming tour. Aside from that, lots of festivals, lots of writing and hopefully a lot of fun.

Flora Cash have released their new album Baby, It’s Okay via BEE & EI/RCA Records and it is available now. Baby, It’s Okay includes previously released tracks “Missing Home” which has over 6.4M streams and 2.9M video views and the band’s smash hit “You’re Somebody Else” which has amassed over 215M worldwide streams and hit #1 at Alternative and Triple A Radio.