10 Questions with Gary Powndland. Viral sensation Gary Powndland (pronounced like the shop, but not spelt the same) is back with an all-new live comedy show! So we managed to grab him for a quick chat about fame and fortune.

1. Thanks for your time, so Gary Powndland, how did it feel to become a viral sensation?

I wasn’t arsed to be honest. It does my head in sometimes people asking me for a selfridge photo when all I want to do is go about my day to day business.

2. What are you planning to do with all the royalty cheques you’ll be getting for your success?

That is absolutely none of your business. Cheeker gets.

3. How has Gary been getting on in lockdown, how have you been keeping busy?

I have been eating loads and drinking loads and doing my live videos on my facebook page. I set off fireworks for the MHS every Thursday night which almost ended up in my neighbours house being burnt down. She still moans about it today but like I said to her. “Shut up Mrs Parker”.

4. You’re going out on tour in March/April next year, what can we expect from this, in your words, “top night out”?

The stage is my living room and my sister and mates will be popping round for a catch up. It’s me telling my life stories but I can promise anyone coming it will be a long time since they’ve seen anything like it. Think Bottom Live but with better and more frequent swearing.

5. You’ll be touring with your mates and sister, what will the after show parties be like?

If we haven’t got a show on the next night we will probably be flat out on the sesh. Just a heads up now if any paps try to take us for a mickey don’t bother. My sister Tash doesn’t take any sh*t so don’t get trying to stick your camera in her face because she will stick the head straight on you, fair play to her.

6. Tell us some interesting stories about your friends that they wouldn’t want us to hear…

I am not a grass. A bloke from my estate had his bins set on fire because he smiled at a policeman once.

7. What will be happening with the foxes while you are on tour? Or are they going to come with you?

I have tried to get them on stage but they really aren’t bothered about the limelight, hence why you never see them on camera. The foxes will more than likely be staying home while I’m on tour. Well technically they’ll be staying at Mrs Parker’s. She doesn’t know it yet but I’ve got the key to her back door which she leaves under the plant pot.

8. What is the one thing that everyone should go and buy from Poundland?

I am in no way affiliated with Poundland although purely through coincidence we both were born in Wolverhampton.

9. Just for fun: Would you rather swim in a pool full of Nutella or a pool full of maple syrup?

I can’t swim so neither to be honest. I like a calpol sandwich though as it’s filling and good for you. My PE teacher at school said I had something that stopped me from being able to swim that he had only seen in a few students in his thirty years of teaching. He called it “Fat arse syndrome”, well he called it that until ah Tash had him up the wall by the throat in between the music department and the vending machines.

10. Thanks for your time, over to Gary Powndland for the final words?

Well I not a man for many words but as Jerry Springer used to say in the 90’s… “All the best”.

The tour dates are as follows:


Tues 21st         BIRMINGHAM – Town Hall – SOLD OUT


Fri 11th             LONDON – Leicester Square Theatre

Sat 12th            WALSALL – Arena

Sun 13th           NOTTINGHAM – Glee

Sat 19th            CORBY – Cube

Tues 29th         LIVERPOOL – Hot Water Comedy Club

Wed 30th          SHEFFIELD – The Leadmill


Fri 1st               LEICESTER – Y Theatre

Sat 2nd             COVENTRY – HMV Empire

TICKET LINK:  garypowndland.gigantic.com



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