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10 Questions with…. Hell Fire Jack

With the next instalment of # 360RAW in the next few days, we were able to grab a quick chat with Hell Fire Jack, ahead of their gig on Friday

With the next instalment of # 360RAW in the next few days, we were able to grab a quick chat with Hell Fire Jack, ahead of their gig on Friday

1. Hi, thanks for answering our questions. Could you introduce the band to our readers?

Hi, I’m Alex and I play guitar and sing.

Hi, I’m Josef and I play drums.

2.You’ve got a gig coming up next week at #360RAW; how did you get involved and what can we expect from your set?

We’ve played the 360 Club a number of times over the last six years so we were chuffed to be asked to play this particular gig. You can expect a half-hour audio onslaught.

3.You released your debut album earlier this year; do you have any stories from recording it?

Yeah, we ate a lot of sandwiches and a lot of Ferrero Rochers.  

4.Who would you describe your influences as?

We’re never really sure what our musical influences are, to be honest. Our songs are mainly influenced by life events, particularly bad ones.

5.The #360RAW gigs showcase new talent; what do you think of the music scene in Yorkshire?

We’ve both been on the scene for the last 15 years [six as Hell Fire Jack] and it’s remained strong throughout. It’s a shame to see some great venues closing but equally encouraging to see venues such as the 360 Club thriving.

6.And what about your local scene specifically? Are there any venues and bands worth mentioning?

I [Alex] run a monthly live music night at The Regency Pub in Harrogate which has hosted some really great bands; both local and out of town. Too many bands to mention but Harrogate really is a hotbed of musical talent.

7.What are your plans for the rest of 2018 and into 2019?

We have a few local gigs in the run-up to Christmas and a tour booked in for the end of February. New tracks are currently working their way through the sausage machine so we’ll be looking to showcase them and possibly head back into the studio. We’d really like to play some festivals over the summer too.

8.What do you know about the three other bands on the bill?

Very little to be honest but we’re sure they’re great and we’re looking forward to seeing them. One of the things we love about being in Hell Fire Jack is meeting people and discovering new bands.

9.Curveball question: If you could travel back in time and ask any famous person from history a question, who would it be and what would you ask them?

Probably God and ask him/her what went wrong.

10.Thanks for your time. Just to finish, why would you say people should come and check your set out next week?

They should come and check out all the bands on the bill as they might discover their new favourite band.


You are able to get tickets for the next #360RAW on Friday 12th October at The Lending Room.