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10 Questions with …. Hinges

With #360RAW just around the corner, TotalNterainment managed to get a few mins of Hinges time to answer a few questions.

With #360RAW just around the corner, TotalNterainment managed to get a few mins of Hinges time to answer a few questions.

1.Hi, thanks for answering our questions. Could you introduce the band to our readers?

Hello! So, we are Hinges from Leeds, we’ve been around for a few years now playing shows mostly in and around Leeds but, as the current line-up, about 6 months now so we’ve just been keeping a bit low key, writing some new songs and getting some recording done.

2.You’ve got a gig coming up next week at #360RAW; how did you get involved and what can we expect from your set?

Yeah, we’ve known Richard who runs the 360 nights for a while now and he always puts a good show on, so when we heard about the new #360RAW shows we knew how well they would go down. We’re really happy to be asked to play one of them! From our set, you can expect a lot of energy and intensity. We’ll leave the rest for you to see for yourselves.

3.You’ve got a 3 track EP out; are there any plans for more music?

Yes, definitely. In fact, if you keep an eye on our socials over the next few days there may be something posted very soon …

4.Who would you describe your influences as?

There’s definitely too many to list them all but I’d say our main ones are Nirvana, Citizen, Title Fight and probably Turnover.

5.The #360RAW gigs showcase new talent; what are your thoughts on the music scene in West Yorkshire?

I think it’s really interesting at the moment, it’s definitely not an area that can be defined by one genre but there seems to be some really exciting bands on the way up, especially coming out of Leeds.

6.What about the Leeds scene? Any venues and bands worth mentioning?

In terms of venues you can’t go wrong with the Lending Room and The Key Club as well. Both have great gigs on all the time and can be really good for young bands to have a chance at playing with some good bands!

7.What are your plans for the rest of 2018 and into 2019?

Just write and record as much as possible and try get as many gigs in as possible!

8.What do you know about the other three bands on the bill?

To be completely honest, not that much at all other than what’s on the event page but, from what we’ve heard, they all sound great! We’re very excited to see them all on the night.

9.Curveball question: If your childhood crush walked into the room now, what would you say to them?

Oh God haha! I think we’d all probably be too awkward to say anything and just make fools of ourselves.

10.Thanks for your time. Just to finish, why would you say people should come and check your set out next week?

Thank you! We love the music we write and there’s nothing better than being able to play those songs to an audience, and I think that definitely shows how we feel when you see our live show.  And who knows, whether it’s us, or one of the other bands, you might just find your new favourite band?

We are certain that #360RAW5 is going to be yet another hugely successful evening, make sure you don’t miss these 4 great bands in action at the Lending room this Friday.