1. You’re playing #360RAW8 in a few weeks, what can you tell us about your band?

We’re a 5 strong, rap-rock group from Leeds.

2. What can the audience expect from your set?

They can certainly expect something, they might not know what it is, undoubtedly though, they will like it! We got plenty of Guitar riffs, Synth riffs, Bass riffs, Come get your riffs! Come get your Jazz Chops, and, of course, rapping!

3. How would you describe your sound and who are your influences?

Our sound is unique, I wouldn’t say we sound like anyone in particular, but we have loads of riffs, great melodies, beautiful soundscapes and catchy choruses. Regarding our influences, we all have a love of Hip hop, rap, prog, metal, and anything weird and wonderful, to name a few, Pink Floyd, Beasties, Dre, RATM, Bizkit, Chilis

4. The #360RAW nights have been pretty rowdy and memorable so far; have you had any particularly memorable gigs in Yorkshire?

We played a gig at a venue that we won’t name and fairly much filled the house to the rafters. Back then we always finished with a sufficiently energetic version of Killing In The Name Of. The long and short of it is that this caused an actual riot. Liam narrowly missed being hit with a flying pint glass and Mark had a guitar broken. Anyway after the Police had removed some people, the place was trashed, it was legit like a scene from Game of Thrones. We could tell that the landlord was very impressed from the way he was crying whilst removing bar stools from his broken bottles of Hendricks gin. The only thing more awkward than the load out was the silence that followed our “so about our fee…” question. Anyway the fella must have been lifted when he cashed up his tills as he has booked us again later this year, so look out for the event on our website etc and maybe bring a knuckle duster or a bat or both. NB – Killing In The Name Of is no longer on our set list

5. What do you think about the Yorkshire music scene? Are there any bands we should be looking out for?

Gigs in Yorkshire are always a pleasure, we’ve met so many great people and bands along the way, we’ve also been really surprised at the super high-level of of talent out there. It keeps us on our toes & we always hear great ideas & parts from other bands which make us up our game.

6. You’re described as nu-metal that never went away; what was it do you think that made the nu-metal scene so important to heavy music?

I don’t think we are nu-metal, are we? (Mark doesn’t even know what that is) I guess you can find elements of a lot of things in our music. We don’t mind shifting genres in songs and no genre is above or below us. Some of us even like a cheeky pop tune

7. Every scene has its good and bad points; what would say those are within the nu-metal scene?

I don’t think we’ve been slotted in that scene (if it still exists), but, generally speaking: It’s amazing, and, challenging at the same time.

We’re constantly busy test running new musical ideas, working on new songs, practicing, social networking, promoting gigs, gigging! We love it all.

8. Which band or album do you think epitomises everything about the nu-metal sound?

Nu-metal isn’t just a sound, it’s a collection of sounds from a huge range of bands! I don’t think you could ever narrow it down to just one.

9. Curveball question now – would you rather use eye drops made of vinegar or toilet paper made of sandpaper?

Joe: As a man with a former melted cheese-based diet I have already experienced the 2nd option many times, so let’s go with the vinegar to change it up!

10. #360RAW8 last chance to plug your set. Why should people come down to check you out?

We are different, we’re not trying to copy anyone or go specifically for a sound, just figure out our own musical journey, doin’ our own thing. LETS GO!

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