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10 Questions with …. Klone

Vocalist Yann Ligner from Klone, took some time to chat with us about their new single, Coming back as a bird and more, see below.

1. Thanks for your time, you release your new album on 20th September, what can we expect from it ?

Yann :  “Le Grand Voyage” will hopefully take you on a journey. It is an album with many different shades but a solid color. We continue the road where we stopped with’Here Comes The Sun’. To date, it is our best production. You will embark on a journey with progressive rock / metal, cinematographic, sometimes introspective, powerful and refined accents.

2. The album title translates into The Great Journey, is that how you would describe the writing of the album ?

Yann : Indeed, « Le « Grand Voyage is a theme broad enough to present many facets.  We have all made “great journeys” in our lives. There are of course these trips in the first sense of the word… discovering new landscapes, but also encounters, having a child, building a family life. Our dreams, Life, Love, Death… all these important moments or experiences are probably great journeys. So there’s a little bit of that in our songs.

3. Is your current single, “Yonder”, a good example of how the album sounds musically ?

Yann : Yonder’ is the first track and therefore introduces ‘Le Grand Voyage’ giving a colour that will be quite significant from the rest of the disc. (even if all the songs have their own identity) It’s a central piece that represents the general identity of the album, with relief, moments of hope, power, nuances, poetry…

4. I read you’ve been watching a lot of near death experience documentaries? Do you draw influence from them and if so, how?

Yann : The idea of considering near-death experiences or body exits as long journeys inspired me. But in the texts I do not directly address these subjects… It is a kind of 2nd reading, the 1st being the one that the listener does. I also like that everyone can make their own history.

5. Have you ever had a near death experience?

Yann : for my part, no.
6. You also say you don’t have any rules when it comes to writing music? How do you see the sound developing going forward ?

Yann : we don’t have rules, because we don’t want to impose them on ourselves. But we have a working method that works. Each album is different, and reflects the state in which each of us is. For my part, when I work on my vocal lines, when I write the lyrics or record, it is not always a “part of pleasure”. I look deep inside myself for the idea that, in my opinion, will best convey the music and purpose we want to bring out. So, even if we have our own way of working, we try to renew ourselves with each album.

7. Do you have a visual image in mind for the live show ?

Yann : We are currently working on scenic imaging, and will soon propose something more visual. We try  to be careful with this “visual” aspect because we don’t want to lose the film that each person makes in their head, and at the same time give something that represents us, to feed our shows

8. What about the French music scene, apart from the success of bands like Gojira, what is the scene like in France ?

Yann : The French scene is doing very well! Here are some groups I recommend you listen to: Trepalium, Uncut, Carpenter Brut, Hypno5e, Step In fluid, Svart Crown, Igorrr, .. and I forget some

9. Curveball question – if you believe in reincarnation and could come back as any animal, what would you choose and why?

Yann : one of man’s oldest dreams is to fly, so I’ll say as a bird. But a bird that lives in society… like a migratory bird, without any real predator, travelling thousands of miles around the world

10. Again, thank you for your time and good luck with the album. Finally, what are your plans for the rest of 2019 and going into 2020 ?

Yann : thank you to you! Well we have a tour planned in France for the end of 2019, and we are preparing for 2020 with concerts abroad

Klone’s new album ‘Le Grand Voyage’ is out now on kscope and you can order it here