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10 Questions with …. Not Ur Girlfrenz

Not Ur Girlfrenz chatted to us about walking through walls, going on tour and much more, see below;

They might be about to head out on tour with Bowling for Soup, but Liv Haynes, guitarist and lead vocals from Not Ur Girlfrenz still found some time to chat with us.

1. Thanks for your time, you’re coming back to the UK next month. Apart from the shows, what are you most looking forward to ?

Well something different from this trip to the U.K. is that we are going to have a tour bus and a bus driver… Because of that, we will have loads of extra time to actually explore – and our parents won’t be as tired driving through the night to get to hotels after long shows, (laughs) so I’m very excited about that. Overall I’m just really ecstatic to see new faces and old friends and have a big party every night.

2. What are your favourite memories from your last visit to the UK ?

Some of my favorite memories from our last visit to U.K. are the crowds knowing our lyrics and giving us Christmas presents in theme with the tour. We all felt so welcomed and it was truly one of the best things for our band. It was also very amusing watching our fathers drive on the opposite side of the road the whole time. (laughs)

3. Any funny/embarrassing stories you can tell us about touring with Bowling For Soup ?

We actually crashed Bowling for Soup’s bus on the Vans Warped Tour and made it more our style!!! (laughs) You can check out the video of us redecorating their bus on our YouTube channel!!!

4. What do you miss most when you’re out on the road and what’s the first thing you do when you get back home ?

OUR PETS!!!! They are our baby angels and get lots of love and attention as soon as we get back home. Oh, and we also get to get back into the studio. After a long time on the road we are super inspired and ready to create again.

5. You played on the Warped Tour as well last year, what was that like and did you get to meet any of your idols/influences ?

Warped Tour was the best thing that could ever happen for our band. We did a music video for our song “Warped,” which I wrote in anticipation of Warped Tour. And we got cameos from a lot of the people that played Warped Tour, including Waterparks and The Maine and The Used, Reel Big Fish… We had a lot. And we got so many new fans that are very loyal and amazing to us!!!

6. If there was one album out there that you couldn’t live without what would it be ?

ANY ALBUM BY MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE also stream our cover of I’m Not Ok out now!!!!!

7. Recently Maren posted a drum video of her covering Slipknot’s “Unsainted”, if you could create your own Not Your Girlfrenz mask what would yours look like ?

Pink. Sparkly. Runway couture.

8. I believe you’re managed by Jaret from BFS, what’s the best piece of advice he’s given you ?

Jaret has definitely helped us morph into what we are today. From taking us on tour to show us ‘his culture’ (laughs) to watching him play and talk on stage to thousands of people, Jaret has probably mostly helped us evolve our stage presence and always tells us to have fun!!! Which is honestly one of the best pieces of advice to live by.

9. Curveball Question: If you woke up and you could walk through walls, what’s the first thing you’d do?

If I could walk through walls I would walk into radio stations and load our music into their playlists. I might do that anyway. Radio stations better watch out.

10. Finally, apart from the tour what can we expect from the band in 2020 ?

Just filmed something I am really excited about and you guys should be too!!!! 2020 is gonna be a great year!