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10 Questions with …. Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band

With a Manchester date coming up in the next few days, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band kindly gave us a few mins of their time to have a quick chat.

1. Thanks for your time, the European tour kicked off last night, how did the first show go?

We’ve been in Europe already doing shows for about three weeks. It’s been going great. Surprisingly well! The fans have really showed up and showed out.

2. You’re coming over to the UK next week, what are you most excited about visiting the UK ?

We’ve toured the UK so much, it’s become the easiest “European” country for us to travel in. Lately we have been having some of our wildest, craziest, most fun shows in the UK, so I am very excited for that.

3. For those people who haven’t seen you, what would they get if they took a risk and bought a ticket?

One of our first shows on the road, a person who had been wheelchair bound for 20 years got up and danced. Their whole family said it was a miracle. I always felt like that summed it up what our live show is all about.  – haha! Oh, and we are a lot better than that now!

4. You play over 250 shows a year, what has been your favourite gig story to date ?

Couldn’t answer that question. Too many stories. We’ve played 38 countries, 48 of the 50 US States, across four continents. We have too many stories. People should listen to our podcast, Hard Times and Weirdness for good stories.

5. And you have found time to record nine albums, after so much commitment and dedication, how do you keep the passion for what you do alive ?

It’s what we were born to do. That makes it’s possible. When you have been given a cosmic, universe granted mission, you know that you can’t let that down.

6. You must have picked up some loyal fans… any interesting / funny / crazy fan stories you care to tell us about ?

We’ve had stalkers and some pretty close calls with crazy fans. Don’t want to give those people the time of day. I’d rather talk about the fans that have seen close to 100 shows, spread the word, and are the lifeblood of what we do. We don’t have a major label deal, a theme song in a Scorsese movie, or a perfume line. All we have is our loyal fans.

7.On a serious note, what are your ambitions for the future ?

Working on a live record, and also writing songs for the next album of new stuff. I want both of them to be better than anything we’ve ever done.

8. Curveball question, if you were to create a pizza that represented your music what would the toppings be ?

Chicken and Barbecue sauce.

9.Describe The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band in one sentence of no more than ten words.

Real, from the heart, handmade music.

10. Thanks for your time, any message for UK fans ahead of your dates next week?

Tell everyone you know we are coming, and bring us some of that good Indian food!

The Rev. Peyton

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band