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10 Questions with …. Robin Morgan

As Robin Morgan heads out on tour, we managed to grab some time with him for a quick chat about life on tour, Gavin and Stacey and much more.

As Robin Morgan heads out on tour, we managed to grab some time with him for a quick chat about life on tour, Gavin and Stacey and much more.

1. Thanks for your time Robin, you’ve just kicked off your tour, how have the shows gone so far ?

It’s been lovely thanks! In Leicester there was a wonderful Mum-and-teenage-son combo on the front row. I think both of them learned a lot.

2. What’s your favourite thing about touring as opposed to working in TV/Radio ?

It’s been lush to see people coming back to see me again. I don’t have much (if any) telly profile so it’s just word of mouth really, and it seems to be connecting with people. I’m very grateful!

3. You’ve been support to a few different comedians now, what have you learned from watching them perform ?

I think their work ethic is inspiring. To do the massive tours they do, it’s a real slog, but they perform the hell out of it every night, which is absolutely the way to do it.

4. I believe you used to work behind the bar at the Glee Club, any good stories you can tell us from your time there ?

I CAN but most of them would get me sued. I’ve got so much gossip though. So much. You know [FAMOUS TELEVISION COMEDIAN NAME REDACTED]? Yeah, loads of gossip on him. I had the best time working there. My favourite moment was during a bar shift, my manager telling me the headliner was stuck on the M4 and I ended up closing the show. I had a good gig, luckily, otherwise the audience would’ve been like: “why is that man who poured my Guinness telling jokes now? Man, they work these kids to the bone.”

I still know the code to the cellar too, so that’s a worthwhile bit of knowledge.

5. Now you’re heading out on your own UK tour, what can you tell us about your “What A Man…” show ?

It’s a show about my Dad, my son and my best friend Dave. It’s about men and how my life has changed since becoming a father to a son. There’s also a very good joke about Wetherspoons in it.

6. We saw Ed Byrne recently who talked about the qualities he had that he wanted to pass down to his own sons. Which qualities or skills would you like to pass down to your son ?

My poor eyesight. Everyone in my family wears glasses so it’s inevitable. He needs to accept that now, at age two.
I think empathy, and kindness (how arrogant is that to say?!). But I think you can get a long way in life by being nice to people. You can be the most talented person in the world, but if you’re an arsehole, no-one will want to work with you. Whereas you can be a medium-talent (hi, Robin Morgan here), and polite, and you can end up touring your own five-star show (hi, Robin Morgan here.)

7. What about role models for you growing up – who did you look up to and aspire to be like?

Seth Cohen from the OC. Any geeky, beta-male character in TV and films. I once went to the barber with a picture of Seth Cohen and said: “can you make me look like this?” and he said “no.” Fair play.

8. On the flip side, which bad habit / trait do you have that you most definitely don’t want to pass on?

I’m a bit of a workaholic. And I do think a strong work ethic is important (I’m watching the Taylor Swift documentary on Netflix and SHE would agree), but I reckon the ability to enjoy down time is something I need to work on.

9. Just for fun now: Your scenarios are described as sitcom ready. If you could be in any British sitcom family who would you pick and why?

Gavin and Stacey – Stacey’s side, because it’s a 20 minute drive from my house and that commute would be brilliant.

10. Thanks for your time, aside from the tour, what else do you have planned for the rest of the year ?

I’ve written a Radio 4 series with my friend and inspiration Ellie Taylor – that goes out in April. We’re also recording my sitcom ‘Relocation’ for BBC Radio Wales shortly, which I’ve written, am directing and starring (didn’t write the theme tune) – that goes out later this year too. And then taking a NEW hour show to the Edinburgh Fringe in August. I also might get a vasectomy. Big year!

Tour dates:

Wed 5 Feb – London – The Bill Murray

Sat 8 Feb – Leicester – Brewdog at Just The Tonic

Sun 16 Feb – Liverpool – Hot Water Comedy Club

Tue 18 Feb – London – The Bill Murray (Extra Date)

Tue 25 Feb – Luton – The Bear Club

Wed 26 Feb – Bristol – The Alma Theatre

Thu 2 Apr – Brighton – Komedia

Fri 10 Apr – Leeds – Hyde Park Book Club

Sat 11 Apr – Maidenhead – Norden Farm

Fri 24 Apr – Birmingham – Glee Club

Fri 1 May – Machynlleth Comedy Festival

Sun 31 May – Cardiff – Glee Club

Tickets available at: