10 Questions with …. The Clause

With The Clause just starting on their November tour, we managed to grab them for a quick chat ahead of their show in Leeds next month.

1. Thanks for your time, could you give us a quick history of the band ?

We began our journey properly at the start of 2016 after Liam joined. Since then we’ve been inseparable; constantly gigging, writing and releasing music. Now we’ve have reached a point where we have a solid fan base and a great set of songs.

2. You formed the band in school, what was it that made you want to form a band and how did you all know each other?

The band was formed by Pearce, Niall and Jonny in school under a different name. I think all of our idols and heroes were musicians and bands, it was all we’ve ever really wanted to do with our lives since we can remember so we just decided to give it a go and see where it got us. Liam was a part of a band himself at that point and met Pearce at a gig in town, a little later he joined the band and we formed The Clause.

3. Earlier this year you did a sold out, self-booked tour. What did you learn from that whole experience and do you think it is something all bands at your stage should go through ?

Looking back we have really fond memories of it, even though at the time it really was hard. Despite selling out every date we actually lost money. We definitely think it’s something every band should do, losing some money in exchange for memories and a good time is unbeatable.

4. And now you’re about to head out on a headline tour later this month. What can we expect from the shows ?

These shows are going to be massive, if you’ve seen us before or if you’re new to the scene you’re in for a treat. We’ve invested a lot of time into our sound and on stage swagger and we just want to make these shows as big as we can.

5. You’ve got a new single out, In My Element, firstly what’s the best thing about being in a touring band ?

The excitement of it all! The craic of being on the road and doing what you love with your best mates. Especially now that the shows are always busy and people are paying to come and see us, we’re working hard to make these gigs a spectacle so everyone gets their money’s worth and has an unreal time.

6. Secondly, will 2020 see us hear new music from the band ?

Most definitely, back in the studio early 2020!

7. Aside from new music what are your personal and band goals for 2020 ?

Our goals have always been pretty straight forward. We want to keep going to the top, growing our fan base and writing some more hit singles. This year has been crazy and we can’t wait to top it next year, we’re already planning our biggest event as a band yet for next year, 2020 will be massive.

8. You’ve already had the track used by BT Sport so it seems fit to ask for your predictions on the top and bottom of the premier league come May?

After beating City it’s hard to see Liverpool losing 4 or more games so City can close the gap. Liverpool, City, Chelsea and Leicester top 4. Villa will stay up, Norwich, Watford and Brighton to go down

9.Curveball Question, if you could go back to any historical event in time and be a major figure from that event who and what would you choose ?

Tough question I think being a spectator at the fight between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier because it was such a definitive event at a time where there was such political and cultural conductors in America. To be there and witness that fight would have been unreal.

10. Finally, good luck for the tour and 2020, how would you sum up 2019 for you ?

The best year for us as a band it’s time to take it up a notch in 2020!

You can see The Clause live on one of their dates below;

9 November – 2Q Festival, Lincoln
16 November – Cafe Totem, Sheffield
21 November – The Chameleon, Nottingham
28 November – The Bullingdon, Oxford
29 November – Firewater Glasgow
30 November – EBGBS, Liverpool
6 December – The Mothers Ruin, Bristol
7 December – Jimmy’s, Manchester
14 December – Lending Room, Leeds
21 December – O2 Academy, Birmingham