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10 Questions with …. Thieves of Misfortune

With only two weeks until #360RAW9 Thieves of Misfortune took some time to chat with us ahead of the gig.

With the next installment of #360RAW9 just on the horizon, we spoke with Thieves of Misfortune ahead of the gig.

1. Thanks for your time, could you give us a quick introduction to Thieves of Misfortune?

We are a three-piece alt rock band from Leeds. Chris on drums, Mark on guitar and Dan provides the vocals, bass and all-round audio trickery. 

2. You’re playing #360RAW9 in a few weeks; what can we expect from your set?

Heavy grooves and sonic interludes. 

3. You released your Hounds EP earlier in the year; what has the reaction been like?

We’ve sold out of the first run of CDs at gigs! So, we’re obviously happy about that. Feedback has been great and we’re proud that everything was done in-house.

4. Musically, PJ Harvey and QOTSA influence you; what about lyrically?

I guess it’s the dark side of life. Tales of people’s misfortune.

5. You produce all your own music and videos, what was the reasoning behind that decision?

We are always writing, so we have a constant stream of new material. We like to get everything down. Doing it ourselves gives us control of when and how we do it, although if Rick Rubin wants a go we’d probably let him!

6. What are the pros and cons of doing so?

It’s emotionally and mentally draining and we are still learning how to capture our sound, but it’s cool to have control and have a go ourselves.

7. Onto the subject of misfortune now; can you tell us your worst TOM gig story?

It’s normally post-gig trauma involving too much alcohol but I guess it would have to be the time we played a gig in Leeds (the venue won’t be mentioned, but it’s a shocker!) and the ceiling was so low that Mark kept banging his head. He likes to move a bit! It got so bad he developed a bit of concussion. That, combined with fine wine, meant his performance was more than a bit wayward that evening. I don’t think we will be heading back there in a hurry. 

8. What’s the alternative music scene like in West Yorkshire? Bands, venues, promoters?

Well the 360 Club nights are excellent and Richard is one of the most active promoters around. Venue wise it has to be the Brudenell Social Club and the Lending Room. As for bands, Leeds based Hamer are pretty ace!  

9. Curveball question: would you rather be framed for something you didn’t do, or have someone else take credit for your greatest achievement?

Let someone else take the credit.  

10. Apart from #360RAW9 – what does the rest of the year hold in store for the band?

We are playing Alston Live on 20 July; it’s a cool festival in the hills of Cumbria. We are also going to record a new EP in the Autumn. And there are many more gigs to be announced.

You can catch Thieves of Misfortune on the 12th July