10 Questions with …. Weezy Jefferson

With the next installment of #360RAW8 looming, Weezy jefferson took some time out to chat with us about his influencers and Hip Hop

1. You’re playing #360RAW8 in a few weeks, what can you tell us about Weezy Jefferson?

I’m a Hip Hop artist and music producer, based in the UK. I take inspiration from a lot of different genres and from British culture as a whole.

2. What can the audience expect from your set?

Freshies! I’ll be debuting new music from my upcoming release, which will be announced soon. 

3. How would you describe your sound and who are your influences?

I’d describe my sound as contemporary Hip Hop. Growing up, I was always inspired by talented

lyricists; groups like The Movement and Terror Squad, and I’m a big fan of producers like

AarabMuzik and 9th Wonder. 

4. The #360RAW nights have been pretty rowdy and memorable so far; have you had any particularly memorable gigs in Yorkshire?

The live music scene in Leeds has grown exponentially in the last five or six years across all genres and I’ve been blessed to be involved in some great events. I’ve had the opportunity to support Mos Def, KRS-One and Big Narstie to name a few; those types of events draw a lot of attention to our scene as a whole and now a lot of us are looking at our own headline shows.

5. What do you think about the Yorkshire music scene? Are there any bands and artists we should be looking out for?

Yorkshire’s music scene is HEALTHY right now! There are definitely too many great acts to name;

shout out to everyone doing their thing!

6. We’ve already talked about your influences but which hip-hop artist do you think had the biggest impact on your life?

Has to be my cousin, Tony; the name says it all haha! He taught me to freestyle and to write

lyrics when I was in still in primary school and has always been a super nice lyricist.

7. Is there a Hip Hop scene in Yorkshire? And what is it like being an up and coming Hip Hop artist in Yorkshire?

The Hip Hop scene in Yorkshire is massive right now. Really talented artists are at the ‘tipping

point’ of going mainstream and they’re ready for it. It feels like there’s a lot of support for what

we’re doing and it’s an exciting time. I’d say we’re buzzing …

8. Tell us an interesting / surprising fact about Weezy Jefferson …

I’ve got a BA (Hons) Degree in Music Production.

9. Curveball question now – would you rather give up your microphone or your mobile phone?

I’d have to give up my mobile … 

10. #360RAW8 … last chance to plug your set. Why should people come down to check you out?

There’s a rumour going around that I’ve got an announcement to make …