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10 Questions with …. Will Stockle

We talked to Will Stockle about his new single, and what we can expect from his debut EP to be released later in the year

Essex born Will Stockle has just released his brilliant new single ‘How’d You Let Me Go. While he works on his upcoming EP, we got the chance to have a chick chat

1. Thanks for your time Will. For our readers who don’t know you, could you give us a quick life story?

No problem. So I was raised in a small countryside village in Essex. I had a pretty normal childhood. I played a lot of rugby and just went around with my mates all the time. Growing up we had a piano in our kitchen but my sister was the musical one and I couldn’t get a tune out of it even if my life depended on it. It wasn’t until around 14 years old that I started being able to play music and write music. And from there I just developed an obsession with it. Nothing else really happened where I lived so I guess that made it perfect to get into music.

2. What was your first musical experience that really had an impact on your life?

It sounds really strange but the first time I got marked in my music class in school. I got the highest mark you could get and it just clicked in my mind that oh maybe I can be good at music. And then I started looking at music differently.

3. You have a new single out, “How’d You Let Me Go”, which you’ve talked about the inspiration for. Did writing that song help you deal with that situation?

Thinking about it now, I think it has. I hadn’t really considered it but yeh I’ve not been thinking about the situation at all anymore, whereas before it was very much on my mind constantly. So definitely yes.

4. What about the rest of your material, where do you get your influences from?

Well I listen to a lot of Pop and I always have so that is the heaviest influence in my music but beyond that is definitely the music from Tom Misch and FKJ and other indie soul artists like that. That soul inspired vibe I just love and I can’t help but put a little bit of funk or things like that into my music which comes from those sort of artists. I also learn and get inspired a lot by an indie pop artist called Blanks. When I can’t think of any music I tend to listen to him and that inspires some of my songs sometimes.

5. Even though you’ve only been releasing material for eighteen months, you’re already building up quite a following in the industry, what are your goals as a musician and songwriter?

I would love to be able to go on a world tour. I have a band set up for the tour when that eventually happens but that is the aim. I also want to sell out the O2 arena at some point in my career, that would be awesome for me. And I really just want to keep making music I love and have other people love it as well. I really love the feeling of other people connecting to my music so the more people that do that, the better.

6. A couple of singles already out and an EP planned for later this year, what can we expect from the EP?

The EP is gonna revolve around the different situations you can get from having someone on your mind. As I’ve spent most my teenage years with someone on my mind and I’ve experience the different situations you get from that. Each song should represent a different situation involving someone on your mind.

7. Given the nature of how people digest music these days ie listening to songs rather than whole albums, does that suit you as a songwriter?

Definitely. I mean obviously I want to make albums and have big projects but because I make music by myself everyday I can choose to release a single if I happen to like a song I make. Also when I do make projects my songs can work as singles or as a whole piece of work. It fits perfectly.

8. From college tutors to industry people, you must be getting a lot of guidance and advice. What is the best piece of advice you’ve had to date?

I get a lot of different advice and tips but the best to date would have to be from my college tutor about trying to keep to a vibe or style. As an artist you have to have a distinct style. And working on this has benefited my music massively.

9. Just for fun, if animals could talk, which do you think would be the crudest animal and why?

The crudest animal would 100% be the naked mole rat. I mean look at it.

10. Thanks for your time Will. In 2020, you have a new single already out and an EP to come, what else can we expect from you this year?

You’ll hear 2 more singles before the EP. And then I have a big gig in the works for November with my band for the first time which I am very excited for, the musicians I’ve put together are incredible. I should also be doing a few more solo gigs which you can hear about when I announce them on social media. Thanks for having me.