Dottie Mai kindly gave TotalNtertainment a few mins of her time before the next #360RAW3 in Leeds on 25 May.

1. So, who is Dottie Mai?

I am an electro-pop artist based in Leeds, originally from Stafford. I am a self-taught musician; I would sit at a piano after school every day and just hit chords and notes until I found something I liked that made me feel a certain way and went from there. Now I write and produce pop tracks, often co-producing with cool artists to give my music new dimensions and interest and really explore the world of music. I find inspiration everywhere around me and my music is often very emotionally driven, so I enjoy sharing quotes, photography and art on my Instagram @dottiemai, to share the journey of creating music as a whole aspect. I also have pink hair and am addicted to cookie dough.

2. Describe your sound in less than ten words

Electric, dreamy, nostalgic, mysterious, lust, empowerment, angst, pop, rainbows, hurricanes.

3. How did you get involved in the #360RAW night?

I have had the honour of being supported for the past two years by the 360 Club and Alan Raw via BBC Introducing and I am thrilled to have been invited and to be playing this gig; it really means a lot to me to be supported in this way and I am grateful there is such a platform which can give these opportunities to artists.

4. What can we expect from your set?

There’s a lot of sound, to say it’s just me and my keyboard. There will be dreamy vocals and a lot of synths. I like to experiment with sound and the new EP which I will be performing at the gig ventures through pop, dance and house so the set will be a varied journey.

5. What are your thoughts on the music scene in Yorkshire?

What can I say? Yorkshire goes hard or goes home whatever its doing! I think it has a strong sense of pride and feels like a family which supports each other. I’m proud to be a part of the Yorkshire music scene and enjoy supporting others and networking within the community.

6. What has been your most memorable local gig to date?

Playing at the Brudenell Social Club supporting Talos was my biggest venue in Leeds. It was a brilliant and inspiring night.

7. Are there any other upcoming Yorkshire acts that you think we should be checking out?

Yes – Kata Rayna, they are totally amazing and need to be checked out by anyone who enjoys electronic music. They’re unique and their sets are interesting, slick and super fun.

8. Where can people check out your music and do you have any other gigs coming up?

If you follow me on Instagram; that’s my main source of information and cool new material. My new EP will be available soon so definitely follow me on there for all upcoming updates.

9. Curveball question: if you were given the chance to have one super power what would you pick and how would you use it?

To be able to conjure up cookie dough at will, of course!!!

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