1. You’ve come a long way since the beginning of the year, starting with the release of Either You Love Me Or You Don’t and supporting Maisie Peters this summer. How has 2019 panned out for you?

It’s been a very busy year!!! I spent a lot of time touring and meeting new fans around the world which was unforgettable! The rest of the year I’ve spent creating the next batch of freshly baked songs, some for me and some for others, but I can’t say too much!!! 2020 is looking very exciting!

2. You’ve also recently finished up your debut UK headline tour, where how did that go and any good stories you can tell us?

Literally I can’t believe people actually came?!?! I’ll never get used to people showing up and singing a long, so I’m a very happy boy right now. I got to visit Ireland for the first time ever and had a chat on a big radio station there!!! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind really.

3. You’ve just released a new single, The Least That I Could Do, and the accompanying video for it. Can you tell us about the song in your own words?

Least that I Could Do is a special song for me, because it was the first one that made me think about becoming ‘Plested’. I wrote it on a Saturday in a session I nearly didn’t go to. But my friend Joe played the guitar riff and the song pretty much fell out. I wrote it in mind of my Mum. I think everyone has that one person they’d do anything for! I just love having big, epic chorus’s to scream out with my fans!

4. You’ve toured extensively so far, what have been your favourite places to play? Bucket list venues? 

I got to tour North America with Nina Nesbitt and to drive that country east to west coast was a massive bucket list moment! Playing a headline Omeara London show was a dream come true, literally my favourite venue. Although if you could get me a slot at Radio City Music Hall in New York, I would probably spend the whole show pinching myself.

5. You released your project First & Foremost in 2018, what are your thoughts on a follow-up?

En route. My lips are sealed.

6. Given the amount of artists you’ve worked with, what have you learned as a performer and how do you think you’ve changed and developed?

I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt is that this industry is NOT a competition, in fact the more all us artists work together and collaborate, the bigger the reaction there is from the fans! I think I’ve realised a lot this year how lucky I am and that I should just enjoy every second, both onstage and off!

7. Are there any artists you’d like to collaborate with?

Bon Iver is a huge inspiration of mine, his freedom within the music he writes is mind blowing, across multiple genres and artist projects.

8. You’re a very successful songwriter, having penned tracks for acts including Little Mix and Lewis Capaldi. Have you written any new songs recently that you have particular artists in mind for? Who would be your dream artist to record one of your tracks? 

I’ve worked a lot with singer songwriters this year – James Bay, Niall Horan, Maisie Peters and more Capaldi. So if you get to hear any of those I’ll be extremely happy!!!  My absolute dream is to write an emotional banger for Adele, not easy though!!!

9. What’s does 2020 hold for Plested? 

More music, more gigs and more collaborating! It’s going to be an exciting one!

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