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A quick chat with Samantha Harvey

Samantha Harvey spent some time chatting with us about her new single, social media and more..

1. Thanks for your time, you’ve just released a new single, what’s the reaction been like ?
The reaction has been overwhelming to be honest, from not releasing music in over a year to then seeing that people are still supportive and eager for me to succeed is beautiful and so worth it.

2. You’ve described Get To Know You as “about the excitement of meeting someone that you really like and wanting to learn everything about them”. What qualities do you look for in a partner?
I think finding someone that is loyal, honest, and hard working is super important and someone that can motivate you to do well & strive to be a better person! I also find someone who loves their family really attractive!

3. You’ve supported quite a few artists over the last few years including Nick Jonas, Craig David and Rita Ora, what have you learned from them ?
I have learnt that it is pretty scary singing in front of huge audiences! And that people have a perception of how these acts are but in reality they are so down to earth and normal like everyone else! Especially Craig David, such a nice guy, which is lovely to see after his continued success!

4. What was it that made you want to pursue a career in music ?
I knew from when I was 8 years old that I wanted to do something that involved singing or acting, I enjoyed it so much and loved the fact that it took my mind off of things that were happening at school, I found my passion and knew that performing was something that lifted my spirits and seemed to help lift other peoples too which makes it extra rewarding for me!

5. You’ve become known for covering popular songs, are there any songs in the pipeline and are there any songs that you haven’t yet done that you’d really like to do ?
I am planning to do a cover of James Arthur – Quite Miss Home, Lewis Capaldi – Before You Go (which makes me cry every time I listen to it) so good luck to me when I cover it!! And love Dua Lipas new song Don’t Start Now!

6. You’re heading out doing talks around schools, what do you hope to achieve with those talks ?
I am hoping that in some way I can make a change in their lives and futures, hoping they can learn a few tips on how to stay safe online, and how you can use social media as a business tool when you leave school & also how you have to work very hard to get to where you want to get to, life isn’t handed to you on a plate you have to graft, and sometimes you’ll get put down or told no but you have to carry on and believe that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to!

7. How do you handle social media especially the darker side of it with internet trolls etc ?
To be honest I feel I am super lucky to not get too many horrible comments or messages or maybe I have learnt to block them out now but at first it really did effect me and you can’t help but take the comments to heart especially when it’s about your appearance or voice, but I understand that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea and that people are allowed not to like me but I find it crazy how people are so confident to write what they think sometimes when it’s negative!

8. You’ve already done one headline tour, any plans to head back out on tour ?
Yes 100%, we are in the works with planning the 2020 tour at the moment, working out the routing and where to visit! Super excited for this one as the venues will be bigger and I’ll be performing along side a band!

9. The single leads us up to the end of 2019, how would you describe the year and what are your plans for 2020 ?
This year for me has been a rollercoaster of emotions, as always in this industry you never really know what may happen, and luckily I keep going and shock myself at the reaction of how loyal my fan base is, so I’m so thankful for them and how they continue to support me each step of the way! My plans for 2020 is to release lots more originals that we already have lined up, go on tour, meet as many people as possible and keep doing covers & showing people what my life is like on YouTube when I’m at home with my boyfriend and my dog! Pretty normal, which I love haha!!