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Another 10 Questions with …. Fudge.

Leeds band Fudge. chatted to us about the upcoming #360RAW12 night, Leeds Festival and more

Yorkshire favourites Fudge. are set to kick off #360RAW12 in Leeds at the 360 club on Friday the 7th Feb. We chatted to the lads again to find out what we can expect from them in 2020.

1. So, new year for Fudge., what are you expecting from 2020?

We got a tip off from Santa at Christmas and he told us that 2020 is the year of the Fudge. We’re not really sure what he meant to be honest, he’d had a lot to drink.

2. You have new bass player as well; can you tell us the story behind that change?

As you can imagine, Fudge. is a pretty intense environment to be a part of, especially as we all live together too. We don’t want to disclose much more than that really; it’s like breaking up with a girlfriend when you lose a band member so we’d rather not discuss. But things are going to be happening reeeeaaaaaaaal quick from now on! Say Hi to Tom “Butterz” Shea everyone.

3. And you have a gig coming up at #360RAW12; what can we expect from Fudge. this time?

We’ve actually got quite a few gigs coming up, but this is the big boy for the time being. What can you expect? Well, we’re hosting an after party after this one; all the bathroom doors in our house got ripped off after the last gig, so something along those lines. Carnage is the word I think.

4. You did a sell-out show at the same venue for your single launch, what are your memories of that night?

*cough* our last three shows there were sellouts *cough* I mean, we don’t really remember a lot from that night, we won’t lie to you. On stage was a blur and then after the gig was even more blurry. The only thing that always stays in my mind is how the atmosphere in the room changes before we go on. There’s this weird tension / excitement thing that happens before we go on stage; the room just changes.

5. Last year was a great year for you, which included some pretty big festival appearances; what was your highlight? 

It’s got to be Leeds Festival. Reading was great but Leeds is home, you know? Outdoors, 35 degrees heat, tonnes of people and free cans of Somersby cider. What more can you ask for? One of the highlights was being told we were “the best opener on the BBC Introducing Stage in at least five years” by both the stage manager and the BBC crew.

6. For a band at your level, how much help was getting a gig like Leeds Festival?

It’s a great experience at the very least, but it gives you a chance to finally go toe to toe with some of the bigger leagues (WE’LL AV ‘EM ALL) and literally puts you on a stage in front of people that need to see you.

7. There has been a whole range of Fudge. merchandise already; any other items lined-up?

After the Butt-Plug and the Tea Towels we’ve gone back to the drawing board for some more stupid merch ideas. We have a few but they’re for later in the year, so I can’t tell you about them now. We’ve got very limited availability of our “Panic-On” limited run T-shirts which will be gone forever after the gig. You can still get them online for now, though!

8. What about new music? Has the new line-up written any material yet?

You’re not ready. We filmed a live session in Leeds Town Hall recently where we recorded ALL of our material. You’re not ready. (There’s a little scoop for ya.)

9. Curveball question: if you were a random object what would you be?

Cameron Hope’s dad’s left Reebok.

10. Finally, do you want to send out a friendly warning from Fudge. to fans, the music industry and anyone else who might be reading?

A warning? OK. So, you know how you start seeing a name everywhere and you ignore it for a long time and then eventually your mate goes, “OMG listen to this sick band,” and you finally cave in and listen to them? That’s going to happen between you and us this year, so be the cool kid and find us first x

You can get your tickets for this hugely popular night here: https://www.crashrecords.co.uk/360raw12