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Cassadee Pope and 10 Questions with

Cassadee is also one of the first artists to have been announced for the forthcoming The Long Road festival

Cassadee Pope and 10 Questions with TotalNtertainment.

Cassadee Pope released her new single, a Dave Audé remix of ‘Rise And Shine‘, the title track from her recent acoustic album, which was released in August.  We has a chat with Cassadee about her new single and lazy days.

1. Your new single “Rise And Shine” is out now. What’s your morning routine? Wake up, gym and a healthy breakfast or stay in bed with a coffee and the alarm clock switched off?
My morning routine really does change day by day! Some days I get up right with my alarm, make some coffee, poach some eggs, go to the gym, then come back home in time for my Zoom writing session at 11am usually. Other days, I won’t need to set an alarm. I’ll get up around 10ish (depending on what I did the night before) and have a relaxing day with my boyfriend and pups.

2. You’re having a lazy day on the sofa, what snacks would you get and what would you binge watch on Netflix?
We’ve been better at healthier snacks these days, but at the beginning of quarantine we were addicted to Sweet Spicy Doritos. Now we try to not snack too much. An occasional chips and salsa fest breaks out on the couch though!

3. You’ve been announced for The Long Road Festival next September. What other plans do you have in 2021?
Definitely new music in 2021! I’ve done a TON of writing this year considering I’ve had much more time to give to that side with no touring. It will be a different sound from my last two records, but it’s the most excited I’ve been about a project to date.

4. What is your routine when you’re out on tour? Do you like to sight see or stay at the venue?
I love sight seeing while on tour. That’s one of the things I’ve missed the most this year. I enjoy writing down some of my favorite spots in different cities and revisiting them while I’m in town. Discovering a hidden gem in a random city is the best.

5. You’ve toured with a lot of legendary artists but who was the best to party with after a show?
Dierks Bentley threw by far the best parties after his shows at his backstage bar Whiskey Row. It was a help yourself bar situation and the whole tour usually came. It really made the environment feel that much more inclusive and family oriented.

6. You toured as headliner for the CMT Next Women of Country Tour in 2019, have you seen any artists in 2020 that you think would fit that title?
That was such an honor to headline that tour! I could see Tenille Townes killing the headliner slot. Also Caylee Hammack would be amazing as well.

7. You remixed the single with Dave Audé, who would your ultimate collaboration be with?
Loved working with Dave! I have a long list of dream collaborations but I’ll pick a couple for the sake of time! Shania Twain has always been my top dream collab, Rihanna would be incredible, Blink 182 would be surreal, and Foo Fighters would be badass!

8. What about new music from Cassadee? Are you writing a lot during lockdown?
Yes! Writing has been such a great outlet for me during this time where I’d usually be out and about and traveling. I’m so excited for people to hear this new music I’ve been working on. Having the time to really sit and think about where I want this next project to go is something I don’t take for granted.

9. Just for fun: If you were a pair of shoes, what kind of shoes would you be?
Definitely chuck taylors!

10. Thanks for your time, 2020 has been a strange year for everyone, how would you sum it up for Cassadee Pope?
2020 has been incredibly reflective, tough, challenging, eye opening, it’s shown me all the ways I can improve my mental health, it’s shown me the kind of person I want to be, and it’s made me feel very grateful for my physical health.