Seattle native FENCES, the moniker of musician/songwriter Christopher Mansfield has just released his latest single ‘Thin Legs’. We got the chance to have a quick chat with him.

1. Thanks for your time, let’s start by talking about your new single “Thin Legs” and what inspired it.

Being unable to see the blessings in your life while simultaneously exhausting yourself with your own fatalistic narrative but in the end realizing the exhaustion is self-imposed and you are in fact ultimately blessed. I’d say I waver between those two emotions with little to no grace. I assume that’s the human experience. Read more about the single here.

2. You talk about the song being about being tired and wanting out. Where is your go-to place or what do you do when you need a break from daily life.

The crooked second floor of an antique mall.

3. As an artist, travel is a big part of “the job”. Where is on your bucket list to travel to?

As silly as this sounds, I mostly wish to feel ultimate peace wherever I am at any given moment. I specifically remember being in Istanbul or Slovenia and feeling nothing because I wasn’t well in the mind. The brain behind the eyes is the real master we need to master. Then walking to your kitchen may feel like bucket list travel.

4. What about growing up? Did you travel a lot?

In America yes. I zipped back and forth on the Amtrak like I was sewing the states together.

5. The track comes from your upcoming album, Bright Soil, can you talk us through some of the other themes on the album?

Bright Soil is essentially the moment of birth and death being the same. A perspective shift. From infinity or too infinity is still the infinite. One makes mother’s weep with joy and one makes mother weep with sadness. The fact is, something is still happening and is always happening.

6. Like we talked about earlier, travel comes with the job, what is your favourite thing about coming home and what is the first thing you do when you get home?

When I lived in Seattle I’d like to go to Pike Place Market when I got home. It was like, if I am back in Seattle let’s really do this, man. Tourist excitement toward things once scoffed at.

7. Do you take anything on the road with you to remind you of home?

Oh yes, my hotel nightstands turn to miniature shrines. As unimportant of as important as you can imagine.

8. Obviously for two years, travel was out of the question. How difficult was that and how did you replace not being able to travel?

I still did just not abroad.

9. If you could travel back in time to any period in history, where would you travel back to?

The mid to late 1950’s.

10. Thanks for your time. Just to wrap up, what does 2023 and beyond hold in store for you?

I would really enjoying touring the album with a band that plays the songs identical to the album. I’d like to feel the power of it all.

Keep up to dates with what Fences is up to here.

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