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Hannah Wicklund 10 Questions with TotalNtertainment

Hannah Wicklund talks to us about lockdown her latest EP The Inbetween and more, see below.

Hannah Wicklund and 10 Questions with TotalNtertainment.

South Carolinian-born Hannah Wicklund has released The Inbetween a very special 10” inch vinyl EP of four stripped back solo performances. Produced and recorded by her older brother, Luke Mitchell (The High Divers), in their parents’ home on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, the EP features intimate performances that sees Hannah getting back to her roots. The EP was mixed by Phil Ek and mastered by Ed Brooks in Seattle, WA. We got the chance to speak to Hannah about her EP The Inbetween and more.

1. Hi Hannah, thanks for your time, how is lockdown treating you? How are you keeping busy?

I’ve been well! Staying busy learning to cook, painting, writing and playing with my new puppy, Kaboo! 

2. You’ve just put out a new EP what has the reaction been like to the more stripped-back songs?

The reaction has been great, thankfully! I was surprised to find that most people’s favourite song has been ‘Meet You Again’, as that’s not what I had expected. It’s always interesting as an artist to see the reaction

3. What prompted you to do that and is it something you’d like to do again?

The idea of songs living lives and going through different stages has always intrigued me. Once a song is written, it doesn’t mean that’s how it’s meant to stay. Taking my biggest guitar riff rock song and turning it into a piano was exactly the type of challenge I’d like to keep pursuing. 

4. You’ve put a vinyl version of the EP, are you a big vinyl fan?

Vinyl has long been my favourite delivery of music. It creates an atmosphere and intention behind the record that can’t be recreated with anything but. 

5. On that note, do you remember the first record you ever bought?

I believe the first record I bought for myself was The Raconteur’s ‘Broken Boy Soldier’.

6. You started out playing piano then moved onto guitar, what moment did you realise you wanted to play rock n’ roll?

There was never really a moment that I realised I wanted to play rock n roll, there just was never anything else that even interested me.

7. How did your parents feel about you moving from classical music to rock n’ roll?

It was 100% their idea!

8. You recorded the EP at your parents’ home with your brother producing. What was “keeping it in the family” like?

It was really nice working from my childhood home after having toured and been in the rat race for many years. There was an ease about the project that could only come from having someone who knows you so well producing. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.  

9. Just for fun: for the remainder of the lockdown if you could only eat one food what would you choose and why?

Smoothies all the way. 

10. Finally, thanks for your time. Looking ahead, what do you hope the future holds in store for Hannah?

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me! I hope the future is full of touring once again, and lots and lots of new music. I’m long overdue to release some new songs and messages. 

You ca keep up to date with hannah at hannahwicklund.com