Lockdown Laughs Jon Pearson interview

Lockdown Laughs Jon Pearson

Lockdows Laughs Jon Pearson. We chat to Jon about the fun side of being in Lockdown

Jon began stand up comedy in 2010, with his first performance at Birmingham’s Highlight Comedy Club. Two successful Edinburgh shows later, and 5 years working the UK comedy circuit, Jon is now regularly found at the biggest and best comedy clubs across the UK including The Glee Club, The Comedy Store and Jongleurs, both as an act and a compere.

1. You’re hosting a COVIDEO Night where everyone watches the same movie at 9pm and you have to come dressed as a character from that movie. What would be the movie of your choice and who would you come dressed as?
Top Gun – Maverick, who wouldn’t want to watch a film with Tom Cruise as a fighter pilot.

2. If you could only eat one food throughout the lockdown what would your choice of food be?
Pizza, it involves all the major food groups, doesn’t it?

3. If you had to choose between having no internet or no toilet roll for the duration, what would you choose to go without and how would you make up for not having it ?
No toilet roll, as long as there is running water???

4. One man has been sneaking around his estate dressed as shrubbery, if you did that, which type of shrub or plant would be dressed as ?
I’m loved to be a small pansie, but I’m 6ft 6in, so would have to be a very convincing tree.

5. If you could be locked up with your biggest celebrity crush who would you want to be locked up with and why ?
Idris Elba, so we could recreate every Bond film, with him playing James Bond, and me as the rest of the characters.

6. Who is the celebrity you’d least want to be locked up with and why ?
Nigella Lawson, can you imagine the amount of amazing food, it would be to much, I’m come out of lock down 5 stone heavier!

7. Which of your comedian friends do you think would be the most entertaining to be locked up with and what would they do to entertain you ?
Rob Kemp, who did The Elvis Dead show. Elvis songs and horror movies all day, what more entertainment do you need?

8. What is life like with Jon Pearson during lockdown? What are the good and bad things about being in lockdown with Jon Pearson
The good thing about being in lock down with Jon Pearson is, I have learnt how to use a toastie maker, and continue to try and recreate Greggs classic slices, in Toastie form (Sausage Bean and Cheese is a favourite so far).
Bad thing about being with Jon Pearson in lockdown, is we only eat toasties for every meal, Sunday roast toastie was a disaster.

9. If you had to choose between not brushing your teeth or not brushing your hair at all during the lockdown which would you choose to give up ?
I would choose to not brush my teeth, if they fall out, I can get new teeth… My hair is very important to me.

10. If you could live with any TV family during lockdown who would you choose and why ?
It’s not TV, but I would live with David and Ruth Archer, mainly because they have Jill archer, who appears to make 2 cake per day if you listen to the show.

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