In 2013, Maya Lane attended her first-ever concert. That concert was Taylor Swift who was performing on her ‘Red’ Tour and that evening at the O2 Arena in London changed Maya Lane’s life completely.

Already involved in musical theatre, the young pop fan was left in awe at the show, the production, the songs and Taylor Swift and, from that point, decided she wanted to be a pop star. Contacting everybody from local open mic nights to small venues to Glastonbury, the determined Lane took every opportunity handed to her eventually bringing us to 2022 when Maya debuted her first track “Still The Same”.

Gaining attention within the music industry, the last two years have seen Maya pick up a management deal, continuing to cultivate her music and play many of London’s key venues. The last two years have also seen the singer-songwriter head over to Nashville on a writing trip, something she is keen to do again as soon as possible. 2023 also saw her round out the year supporting Kelly Jones and his new band Far From Saints.

Mixing the pop hooks of Taylor Swift with the country-folk influence of the likes of Jodi Mitchell, the rising star has just released her new single “Bump Into Me”.

Speaking about the single, Maya says, “‘Bump Into Me’ was written in the first writing session I ever had with Rich Cooper and Jonny Latimer. I went in with the first line ‘me and my ego are falling out’ and the idea of wanting to run away from yourself. I am a huge over-thinker and can often get trapped in my thoughts. ‘Bump Into Me’ explores the crazy possibilities you dream about doing when you want to escape from life but also the realisation that no matter where you go, you will always take yourself with you.”

TotalNtertainment chatted to Maya following the release of the single. Looking back at that life-changing Taylor Swift concert, Maya told us why it made such an impact on her, what she has learned from the DIY approach, and what 13 year old Maya Lane would say if she could see how things had turned out.

Watch the full interview below and keep up-to-date with all her news and tour dates on the Official Maya Lane website here.

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