Your favourite bubbly indie-pop artist ‘Sam and Sounds’  is back again with his fifth single ‘Mamma Mia Girl’, and undoubtedly, the music just keeps on getting better. Sam and Sounds presents another fun loving and high-spirited banger that is just perfect to sing along with your friends as we say goodbye to another Summer. We spent some time chatting to him.

1. Thanks for your time, the new single is out and taken off the album. What’s the reaction been like to the single and what can we expect from the album?

The reaction to In Time, She’s Mine has been awesome – people are really loving it from what I’ve heard!

2. The single is about plucking up the courage to talk to a girl. What can you tell us about that experience when you met your girlfriend?

Haha, it was a funny one because I was actually mates with her brother before I knew she even existed! I really had to play my cards right because I really really didn’t want to mess this one up!

3. On this theme what’s the worst chat-up line in your repertoire or the worst one you’ve heard?

I wanted to answer this question by saying ‘does anyone really use chat up lines anymore?’, but then thought back to the music video I’m releasing for the single, in which the 2nd verse is kind of talking the mick out of the idea of using chat up lines – it shows me going up to my girlfriend a few different times (in my imagination) and saying the worst chat up lines!

4. During lockdown one man romanced someone from two hundred yards away. How would you have romanced your girlfriend if you’ve had been in that situation?

We did a few things actually, there’s a programme called Netflix Party that syncs up your Netflix shows so you’re watching the same thing at the same time, and we FaceTimed (on mute) while watching it to try bring as much normality in as possible! Another thing we did was have FaceTime dates – we would cook our own food for a certain time and eat it together over FaceTime (then watch the Netflix after!)

5. Have you ever been on a date that has been a complete disaster?

No, but none of the dates I’ve ever been on have ended in long term relationships apart from my girlfriend now! (And thank goodness for that – she’s an absolute diamond!)

6. Which is your preference for a first date – a romantic candlelit meal in a restaurant, a fun night out or an intimate candlelight meal at home?

Well since I’m now in a serious relationship, I don’t anticipate ever having to go on a 1st date again! But for us, we didn’t really go on a ‘date’ as such before we were officially together! We would meet up around London and that and see each other at church and work and stuff, but the first dinner we had out together was at the local pub which serves Thai food in the evenings!

7. On the subject of meals at home, what is your signature dish for a romantic evening?

I actually can’t cook well at all, so it’s literally chicken wraps 😕

8. If you were invited to be on Celebrity Come Dine with Me which three other celebs would you like to have dinner with?

Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal because I have no idea how to cook anything thats not microwavable. Although I wouldn’t win – I’d get 3 decent meals out of it!

9. Just for fun: If you had to either shave your head or dye all of your hair pink, which would you choose?

I’ve shaved my head before and it looked awful – so id probably dye my hair pink!!

10. Thanks for your time, just to finish, how do you and your girlfriend plan on celebrating the release of your album?

Haha, I don’t know really… when I release music there’s A LOT of work that goes into promoting it and I don’t really stop to celebrate for an extended period of time, it’s more – ‘ok, now on to the next one!’

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His new single Mamma Mia Girl is out on 1st October.

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