Tors have just released the title track from their EP ‘Anything Can Happen’ and we got the chance to have a quick chat with them.

1. Thanks for your time. “Anything Can Happen” is out and is the start of a busy few months for you. How are things going with Tors at the moment?

It certainly is, thanks for noticing! Things are going alarmingly well at the moment which we’re really not used to. We’d posted a few teaser clips of us singing ‘Anything Can Happen’ across our socials and they seem to have their own little viral moment with a few million views now. As a result our followers have grown by over 50,000 on Instagram and shot up to over 108,000 on TikTok and the song itself got 15,000 pre-saves before it was even released. It’s all a bit overwhelming and we’re not entirely sure what’s happening but we’re rolling with it and trying not to question things.

2. The song has been a huge hit with fans and celebrities. How does it feel seeing some of the people praising the song?

It’s incredibly humbling to be honest, and not something we expected. People seem to have really connected with it and we’re just so happy it seems to be helping them address their own experiences with depression. Some of the stories fans have been sharing with us are both inspiring and heart-wrenching  all at once and it feels like we’ve started a kind of safe space online where everyone can interact and open up. It’s more than we could have hoped for.

3. The song is drawn from personal experience. What triggered you to write a song about such a personal subject and how did it help you cope with those issues?

It’s funny but the place we can be our most honest, authentic selves seems to be through our music so I think this song was born out of necessity- we all struggle with our mental health and even as close as we are we don’t always have the open, frank conversations that we need to. ‘Anything Can Happen’ was our cathartic way of getting our worries out but we were very conscious of writing an out and out doom-and-gloom style song, we wanted it to have a hopeful and regenerative message running through it. The song is all about celebrating the small steps and victories on the road to recovery, it’s something we try and live by and hope others can too.

4. What advice would you give fans going through something similar?

Don’t lose sight of who you really are and remember to celebrate every positive decision/action you make no matter how small, whether it’s just getting dressed in the morning or talking honestly to a friend. You’re never alone even if it feels like it sometimes.

5. The single comes from your upcoming EP, are the rest of the songs written about personal experiences?

They are yes. Unfortunately we’re not creative enough to make up stories so we have to mine our own desperate lives for content! It is slightly terrifying to open ourselves up to the world in such a black and white, tell-all way but we hope that the people listening can find their own connections to the stories we’re sharing and don’t just think we’re sad losers!

6. Speaking of the EP, you follow it up by touring with Sam Ryder. What do you know about Sam and what are you expecting from the UK shows?

We are and we’re so excited to hit the road with Sam! He’s honestly the loveliest person we’ve met in music. We had the pleasure of supporting him for a couple of shows in Europe at the end of last year and it was eye-opening, Sam treats everyone working with him with such respect and kindness and has the most positive attitude. Often times the artist you support can be aloof or keep to themselves but Sam didn’t even bat an eyelid about sharing dressing rooms with us and made us feel so welcome. The shows themselves are going to be unreal, Sam is such a snowman and makes for an incredibly moving and interactive love experience. We just hope we can bring enough magic and energy to match that.

7. Following the tour, what are your plans for the rest of 2023 in terms of touring?

We’ve got a few very exciting things lined up but nothing we can actually talk about yet! But rest assured 2023 is going to be our busiest year yet.

8. What about new music? Is the EP the only new material we will expect from you in 2023?

Oh, there’ll be plenty more music to follow because honestly, we get too impatient not sharing it, we’re sure people will be sick of us by the time 2024 rolls around.

9. Just for fun, if you could speak to any animal, which animal would you pick and what would you ask them?

Probably a worm, I’d ask it which end its face is on. Hopefully, I’d be talking to the right end.

10. Thanks for your time and good luck for the rest of the year. Just finish, any message for anyone coming out to the shows in March?

Thank you and cheers for your questions! Bring a friend and tell them to bring a friend and tell them to bring a second cousin and tell them to bring the ghost of an ancestor and so on. We want to share our music with everyone we can.

You can find out more about the single, tour dates and the EP here.


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