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Vera Blue talks to TotalNtertainment

Vera Blue has today released her new album Mercurial, the 10-track album will include the electropop ballad The Curse, as well as new single ‘Mermaid Avenue. We got some time with Vera to have a quick chat.

1. Thanks for your time. You’re gearing up for the release of Mercurial, what can fans expect from it?

I am beyond excited! I’m also very nervous but that’s a good thing! Fans can expect all kinds of songs, wild emotions, new sounds and topics, different energy and loads of vulnerability. There is so much energy in this album. I truly think there’s something in there for everyone.

2. What was your first thought when you heard the final end result and did it match your vision?

My first thought was WOW, we finally did it! It was a huge feeling because as an artist and a creative, you never really know when a body of work is going to be truly complete, it can go on and on but at some point you have to put the pen down and think about everything you’ve said and done and ask yourself whether it’s enough. I never really had a specific end result vision, I wanted to just let the moments in my life do the talking through the music we made from them. So the end result of the album was kind of like a surprise, and I hadn’t come up with the title of the album until I understood what it was all about as a whole.

3.The theme of the album sounds like it comes from quite a difficult place. Firstly, how did it help you write those songs?

Some topics were extremely hard to talk about at the beginning, I think that came from where I was at emotionally in terms of my mental health. Eventually it got easier and easier to talk about those things, and I wasn’t alone in the process. Writing songs with no intention of it being a single or a hit was also helpful, we didn’t want to focus too much on a pop formula which allowed us to be as creative and experimental as we liked. Songs like ‘Everything Is Wonderful’ and ‘Red Rose’ were born without any rules or formulas. Such a freeing feeling.

4. Secondly, what was the most valuable thing you learned about yourself writing about your journey for the album?

I learnt the true superpower of emotions! And how much you can learn about yourself when you experience tough times and how you approach the emotions. I developed a sense of compassion for myself and others around me also which is a beautiful and valuable thing in life. I also learnt that I could fall in love again, trust again and be loved the way I deserved.

5. What do you hope fans get out of listening to the album?

I hope fans can enjoy the sounds and energy of Mercurial, we experimented with really upbeat 80’s elements and euphoric anthemic moments too. Mercurial has many ups and downs both emotionally and sonically, and I talk about things I’ve never talked about before. I even use my voice differently depending on the energy and emotion of the song. I feel like there’s something for everyone in this album and I hope people will find comfort in the words and songs.

6. Now that you have explored those themes on the album, how has your life and mindset changed and do you think future material will come from a less darker place?

It’s hard to say, I think now I’ve developed a certain comfort in writing about my mental health now which is an incredibly vulnerable thing that took a look of opening up, heart break songs became so easy to write due to experiences I’ve had but love songs were a challenge without them feeling or sounding cliché. I think for the music I am yet to make it will depend on what the future holds and how it will impact me emotionally and creatively.

7. Writers block was something you’ve also talked about, as a songwriter, how difficult was that period and how did you overcome it?

It was a challenge, and I think it mostly came from not feeling ready to talk about certain topics, like the emotions were so raw I couldn’t put them into words yet, I think eventually I was bursting at the seams and just couldn’t hold them in any longer, so when I wrote these songs it was empowering and healing to know that I could do that. I also found writers block came from not being able to experience life during lockdown, my music is inspired by travel, people, moments and experiences, so not having that I had to draw from what my friends and family were going through, songs like ‘The Curse’ and ‘Mermaid Avenue’ are examples of this, but these songs once I started writing them I realised I could 100% relate to.

8. The album is due out this week, what are your plans following that?

I am going on tour to perform the new show for my fans! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I’m ready to let loose and express all of these new emotions and stories to my fans. Cannot wait to dance!

9. After a challenging few years, how would you sum up 2022 for Vera Blue and what has been the highlight?

2022 has been a rollercoaster and a challenge at times but in the best way. The biggest highlight for me has been completing the album, its been many years coming and to finally have it done and out in the world is the most magical feeling!

10. Thanks for your time, good luck with the album. Is there anything you want to say to wrap this up?

Thank you for chatting with me! I am just honoured to be able to share my stories and hopefully make people feel and experience something from this album that makes them feel like it’s their very own story.

You can get your copy of Mercurial by Vera Blue here

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