We thought we’d share a selection of legendary live  concerts from YouTube that are great for a Friday or Saturday night house party.

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In this list you can see such musicians and bands:

  • Michael Jackson;
  • Pink Floyd;
  • Nirvana and more


Acoustic concerts had long since been invented by 1994. But the album “Unplugged in New York” by the rock band Nirvana turned acoustic programs into an obsession for almost all musicians at that time, no matter what style they played. For the band itself, the performance on MTV was very revealing. But it was nothing like the madness that brought the worldwide band popularity and lifelong fame. And even posthumous for some. 

The Chemical Brothers, Woodstock 99 

The title speaks for itself – The Chemical Brothers at Woodstock Festival. It is how to rave electronica goes to the masses and becomes mainstream. The band has done a lot to popularize electronic music so that you can enjoy The Chemical Brothers; they are worth it.

Deep Purple, 1972

The Japanese love hard rock enthusiastically. It’s in their blood and their subconscious. But they didn’t know it before. They got it from Deep Purple, who played three concerts in Japan in 1972. Concerts were just concerts, nothing like that. For the Japanese, it was a revelation. The earth was shaking, thunder was rumbling, lightning was shining, and the musicians gave the Japanese their seven precepts in the noise of the elements. And they, in turn, released these records on vinyl tablets. “Made in Japan” became, for years to come, the benchmark for concert records in general. 

U2, 1992-93

The U2 collective has been working on their concerts for a long time and very productively. The Zoo TV Tour concert was chosen for this rating: hundreds of screens, radio towers, flying cars, and a teleconference with the country where the war was in full swing. The funny thing is that the musicians intended to make fun of these excesses at rock concerts. It’s weird because the following U2 shows became more and more elaborate and large-scale every year. 

Legendary Concerts at Wembley Stage

“Wembley” is the national treasure of England, the main stadium of the country and the second in Europe by the number of seats (90 thousand, “Camp Nou” in Barcelona – 99 thousand). Since its opening in 1923, Wembley’s capacity has decreased, but its importance to the sports world has remained consistently high. The legendary Pele once even called the stadium “the cathedral of soccer. But the London arena is also a mecca for musicians and their fans. Performing at Wembley means joining the ranks of such music industry stars as Pink Floyd, Queen, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elton John, Eminem, and Beyonce.

The first concert at Wembley was held in 1969. The famous prog-rock band Yes performed for the London public. The stadium hosted a grand festival, The London Rock and Roll Show, where Joe Brown, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Bill Haley & His Comets, MC5, and many others took to the www. The program concluded with an extravaganza performance by Chuck Berry. And in 1973, The London Rock and Roll Show premiered, in which Mick Jagger can be spotted, as well as the future manager of the cult punk rock band Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren, selling T-shirts in one of the stalls.

ABBA, November 9, 1979

According to fans and critics, one of their best performances was at Wembley. In 1986, when ABBA’s popularity had already waned, the group released the album ABBA Live, which consists almost entirely of recordings of the memorable London concert.

LIVE AID July 13, 1985, 

Live Aid was a music festival organized to raise money for the hungry in Ethiopia. It was this festival that brought Wembley to worldwide musical fame. Eighty-two thousand people attended the event, and about 2 billion people in 150 countries watched the concert. The festival featured Queen, David Bowie, U2, Sting, Dire Straits, The Who, Elton John, Paul McCartney, and others. The most memorable moment to this day is Queen’s performance, which fans voted the best at Live Aid. The makers of the film Bohemian Rhapsody, which tells the band’s story, have almost entirely recreated the legendary Queen performance at Wembley.


Of course, the king of pop couldn’t stay away from other stars of the scene. In 1988, Jackson delighted his British fans and included Wembley on a world tour supporting his super-successful album “Bad.” Even the “Queen of Hearts” Princess Diana and Prince Charles came to see Michael perform in front of a 72,000-seat stadium. In connection with this, Jackson decided to remove the hit “Dirty Diana” from the set list of the London concert not to offend the royal family. However, the princess herself asked Michael before the show if it would be played, and when she heard no answer, she got upset, as it was her favorite song. Unfortunately, too little time was left before the concert’s start, so Jackson could not change the approved set list, and “Dirty Diana” was never played at Wembley that night.

PINK FLLOYD August 5-6, 1988

The performance of the legendary rock band Pink Floyd as part of “A Momentary Lapse Of Reason Tour” was remembered by everyone who came with a crazy symbiosis of music and light, plunging into an extraordinary all-absorbing atmosphere of psychedelia. The Pink Floyd concert was another milestone in Wembley’s history, further increasing the stadium’s authority in music circles.


“Concert for Diana” was a concert organized by Prince William and Prince Harry in 2007 in honor of their mother Diana, Princess of Wales, on her 46th birthday. That year was the 10th anniversary of her tragic death. Such notable musicians as Elton John, Pharrell Williams, Brian Ferry, Rod Stewart, Kanye West, P. Diddy, and others took the stage at the renovated Wembley. One of the concert participants was David Beckham, who announced the entrance of the British pop-rock band Take That.

MUSE, July 16, 17, 2007

The concert by Muse was voted by the British as the most fantastic event in the history of Wembley, according to the Football Association of England poll. Is there anything else to add? The performance was simply magical; take a look for yourself.

BTS, June 1, 2, 2019

The last concert that took place at Wembley was June 1-2. World-renowned Korean boy pop group BTS played two days in a row, drawing a packed stadium. Tickets for both shows were sold out in an hour and a half, and BTS became the first Korean band to manage to pack the UK’s main arena.

Looking at several live concerts held at the stadium, it is clear that Wembley has been one of the most prestigious venues for soccer players and performers and their fans for half a century. As a result, several generations have grown up on Wembley concert recordings, and young musicians still strive to conquer this legendary arena.



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