Apple Music launched a brand new audio series, ‘Origin Stories’, which sees the UK and Ireland’s most exciting artists revisit their hometown to explore how their musical journeys began.

Available now on Apple Music and Apple Podcasts, the interview series is presented by Apple Music 1 hosts Dotty, Rebecca Judd and Matt Wilkinson and gives fans a unique insight into their favourite artists’ hometowns, the people there they took inspiration from, and explores how the places shaped them as the artists they are today. Each act featured in the series also introduces the listener to key people back home who have influenced them from the start of their careers.

The brand new series kicks off with six episodes including Rebecca taking a trip to the Midlands with Birmingham rapper Mist to the bail hostel where he lived and created some of his earliest music. Other episodes feature Dotty exploring Nottingham with rap duo Young T & Bugsey revisiting their local community studio, Rebecca hitting the Irish capital with singer Jazzy in Dublin to the venue where she played her first shows, and Matt Wilkinson joins five-piece band Blossoms as they revisit the Alma Lodge Hotel in Stockport where members of the band used to work. Rebecca also chats to Becky Hill at her family home in Worcestershire and visits Marple in Greater Manchester with Pip Millett to find out how it all began for her.

Matt Wilkinson said: “Origin Stories is like nothing we’ve done before on Apple Music, it’s so great to go back to the very beginning with these artists and we found they opened up so much because of the locations we were in. I loved being in Stockport with Blossoms and really tracing their story from the start, when no one knew how huge they’d be.”

Listen to all the episodes on Apple Music and Apple Podcasts now.

Rebecca Judd And Mist Take A Journey To The Birmingham Hostel Where He Created His Earliest Music
Rebecca Judd takes a trip to Handsworth in Birmingham with rapper Mist to the bail hostel where he stayed after he left prison. Here they visit his old room for the first time since he left to discuss the music he created there that would go on to change his life. He also talks about recording his breakout track at the hostel, the year that changed everything and the lasting legacy of Jamal Edwards.

Dotty Takes A Trip To Nottingham With Young T & Bugsey To Revisit The Community Recording Studio Which Became The Hub For Their Musical Journey
Dotty takes Young T & Bugsey back to the Community Recording Studio in St. Anne’s, Nottingham where they honed their skills as a rap duo in their teenage years. They meet up with studio co-founder and well-known local figure, Trevor Rose, who continues to manage the studio which opened its doors in 1991, to discuss his memories of the duo spending time there and recording their earlier songs.

Rebecca Judd And Jazzy Take A Trip To The Grand Social Club In Dublin Where She Played Her First Live Shows
Rebecca Judd takes Irish singer Jazzy back to the Grand Social club in Dublin where she played some of her first DJ shows. There they meet up with Jazzy’s fiancé Ross and talk about the origins of her career and love stories.

Rebecca Judd And Becky Hill Visit The Singer’s Family Home In Bewdley To Meet Her Brother Who Was a Big Influence On Her Musical Journey
Rebecca visits Becky Hill’s family home where she grew up in Bewdley, Worcestershire and meets Becky’s brother, Adam, who was a big influence on her musical journey. Becky discusses starting out in music, the Drum ‘n’ Bass scene in her local area, her first job, poignant childhood memories and the close bond she shares with her brother.

Matt Wilkinson Visits Stockport With Blossoms To Explore The Alma Lodge Hotel Where They Used To Work
Tom Ogden and Joe Donovan from Blossoms take Matt Wilkinson to the Alma Lodge Hotel in Stockport where they and Myles Kellock from the band used to work during the early days of the band.

Rebecca Judd Takes A Trip With Pip Millett To Marple In Greater Manchester Where The Singer Grew Up And Continues To Live
Singer-Songwriter Pip Millett takes Rebecca Judd to Marple, her hometown 10 miles outside of Manchester, where they meet her brother Josh and visit their local pub where their Auntie and Uncle got married just five weeks prior to their conversation. In the interview, they discuss Pip’s relationship with her twin and her two other siblings, being a shy character when she was younger, her love of growing up in a quiet but happy community, despite feeling isolated as one of the few Black families in the area when they first moved. She also discusses her first ever live performance which took place in the town, how songwriting became a release when describing her feelings and overcoming grief, working 12 hour shifts at John Lewis, and her brother’s admiration for her continued support in sharing her personal experiences with mental health.

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