Many incredible artists have emerged from the music world through the years, but few can compare to the legendary Bob Dylan.

The singer-songwriter has written a huge number of classic songs across the decades, while he has also influenced and inspired many others along the way. He is still going strong too, with his every move generating plenty of headlines.

One of the most recent announcements related to him is particularly intriguing, as it will see the star embrace the capabilities offered by online technology.

Shadow Kingdom

An announcement on Live Nation Entertainment has confirmed that Dylan is taking part in a concert performance that will be exclusively broadcast on the live-streaming platform Veeps.

Called Shadow Kingdom, the event is scheduled to be shown on July 18th and has been described as his first broadcast performance in almost 30 years. It is also Dylan’s first concert performance since the end of 2019, as well as his first since the release of the Rough and Rowdy Ways album.

The concert is expected to feature the star in an intimate environment, while the announcement adds that the renditions of his songs have been created especially for the event. Tickets for the stream are priced at $25, while access will also be available for 48 hours after the first broadcast. Joel Madden, the co-founder of Veeps, said working with Dylan was “an incredible honor and a high point” for the organization.

Streaming’s success

The announcement is undoubtedly exciting for Dylan fans of all ages. However, it is also a development that once again highlights the growing importance of streaming technology across the entertainment world.

For many of us, the term obviously brings to mind movie and TV streaming. After all, platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have become a key part of how many of us access our favorite shows and big-screen blockbusters. However, streaming is having an impact in other areas, including the online gambling world. For example, William Hill details how its mobile app for iOS and Android offers sports betting services alongside casino gaming options. However, it also includes the William Hill TV feature. The site adds that this allows members to watch a range of live events on their mobile device. Streaming is also massive in video gaming and this was highlighted by a study released earlier this year. Juniper Research predicted that the eSports and games streaming industry could be worth $3.5 billion by 2025.

However, while streaming is playing a role in many areas, its impact on music has been particularly notable in recent years. Many fans now regularly access their favorite tracks and albums through streaming platforms, while live-streamed performances have also become commonplace. Many artists have embraced the latter, with Craig David hosting a global livestream concert based around his Born To Do It record earlier this year. We also recently reported on the news that the Overtones were involved in a live streaming event linked to men’s health.

Fresh possibilities

All in all, it is clear that streaming technology is now playing a crucial role in how we access many forms of entertainment. From music to TV and beyond, streaming platforms seem to be offering fresh possibilities for performers who want to showcase their work to the public.

The news of the exclusive Bob Dylan concert on Veeps is incredibly exciting and it will be fascinating to see what he comes up with in the streaming format. With the concept becoming so important, the chances are that we will see more legendary names embrace this innovative and intriguing technology in the years ahead.


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