This week marks Men’s Health Week, 7 days to raise awareness of the health issues that affect men disproportionately and with a focus on getting men to become more aware about the health problems they have or could develop, to talk about their health more and then do something about it. The Overtones want to get men talking, so to mark the week they are doing a live stream at 5pm on Thursday which can be viewed via their YouTube and Facebook 

During the takeover, The Overtones will discuss a varied range of subjects from depression, fatherhood, vasectomies, anxiety, grief, sexuality, financial pressures and the importance of fitness. They hope to use the live stream as an opportunity to build conversation about what helps and hinders men’s health and why. There will also be some special guests and a chance for their fans to send in questions to the four. 

The live stream is in support of Men’s Health Week, organised by the Men’s Health Forum to tackle the unbelievable reality that 1 man in 5 dies before the age of 65. For more information about the organisation and the week, check out

Speaking of the live stream and Men’s Health Week, The Overtones add: We’re so honoured to be getting involved with the Men’s Health Forum for Men’s Health Week. So many of us men don’t talk enough about the problems we have and often share. ‘Can Do’ is an incredible campaign and we are looking forward to the opportunity to be open and honest about our own mental and physical health stories.

Quote from Men’s Health Forum: Even today too many men die too young – and sometimes, tragically, it’s because they’ve not been able to talk to someone soon enough about their physical or mental health.  It’s brilliant that the Overtones are going to be putting all these issues on the table during Men’s Health Week – and starting a conversation about how the barriers to better men’s health can be removed.”

Later this Summer, The Overtones are set to release their brand-new album, 10The album marks their 10th anniversary and is out on the 30th July, ahead of a 20 date UK tour in November and December. The album can be pre-ordered here and it will be available in 5 formats. Two tracks have already been released – a rerecording of their debut hit Gambling Man alongside a brilliant video, watch here and a very special cover of Shalamar’sA Night To Remember. Listen here.

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