Music has a different kind of energy for our brain and like every cell of the body. Whenever the musicians come up with a new release, their fans and music lover’s want to know more about them. It is common for people to read reviews about music releases. It helps them to know more about the recent production. 

If you want to grab the audience’s attention, then writing music reviews will be a good idea. You do have the option to hire writer for the purpose or do it yourself. If you have decided to be on the front and do the review yourself, then here are some tips you should consider. 

Educate yourself about the music first 

Before jumping into their music review writing, the very first thing you need to do is to understand music. There are numerous basic and technical things about music a good reviewer should understand. Until you are not aware of the technicalities, you are unable to make the most out of it. 

So, educate yourself to the maximum level. In this manner, you can study the beats, music genre, types, instruments, essentials of a song and much more. The best way is to read a few reviews by other reviewers on the music track you have selected for the review. When you have enough background knowledge, it is time to jump into it further. 

Analyze the music and melody 

The very first thing you need to do while writing a good music review is to talk about the music and melody. It is the first thing that every listener observes in a piece of music. Not the lyrics but the musical beat of the song capture the attention of the person. 

When the melody and music of a track is powerful and attractive, the listener will stick to it and will go to the end of the music. Therefore, your first comment in the review should be about the music of the song. In this, you can explain the beats, genres, use of instruments and much more. 

Explain the key of the song 

The music has either a high key or a lower key. This is the arrangement and sequence of multiple instruments used in the music track. For some people, it is about the higher or lower notes of a musical instrument. 

A perfect musical symmetry comes up with the perfect high and low key sequences. A musician will never keep all the notes high or low, there will be a wave having the highs and lows at the same time. Therefore, you have to observe this sequence and comment on it accordingly. It is essential for the review. The reader will have an idea about what kind of music to expect in the track. 

Review the lyrics and their meaning 

A track is about not only the instruments and beats. There is a major part of lyrics in there as well. Along with notifying the high and low notes of the music, you should pay attention to the lyrics as well. 

It is interesting to know that most music listeners always focus on the lyrics of the track instead of its beats and keys. There is a specific category of listeners that focus on the music only or music along with the lyrics. Therefore, in your review, it is not fair to ignore the lyrics all the way. 

Review the lyrics and their meaning along with the feel. Do talk about the sync between the musical notes and the lyrics at the same time. In good music, it is essential to keep the balance and sync of lyrics and music shifts as well. If a pop lyric fits to the melody, it will never make good sense at all. You have to explain this to your readers for sure. 

Express the impact of music on you 

In the end, the reader wants to know what you felt on hearing the music. Every musician and singer creates the melody, beats and tracks to let the listener feel something. You can observe different emotions and ideas with every single beat and instrument along with lyrics as well. 

Adding your personal experience or emotion makes the music review well. It makes the things relatable for the readers. On the other hand, it forms an opinion in the mind of listeners. If they will listen to the song after reading your review, they will have a different opinion about music. 

Do not miss out on the chance of influencing the readers about a specific piece of music. Moreover, you will add validation to the review at the same time. The reader will get convinced that you have listened and dissected the song to the next level. 

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