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How to get inspiration to compose music

Many composers use dozens of tricks to write music faster.

How to get inspiration to compose music? What tricks are the most effective? Here are the best tips for those who want to create music like a pro.

How to Get Inspiration to Compose Music

Inspiration is a key component without which you cannot create music. The fact is that songs and outstanding tunes cannot be written according to a schedule. Usually, composers and musicians spend their time paying attention to outside activities. You should take the creation of new melodies as something spontaneous. Don’t try to find the perfect formula because it doesn’t exist. However, talented people can simplify the process of creating music. Here’s how you can get inspired and focus on finding tunes in your head.

Get Out of Town

Many people say that talented composers can create audio masterpieces in any environment. But are you ready to listen to the noise of the city or the screams of your neighbours? Even students find it difficult to concentrate in such audio chaos. That is why you should say no to the daily routine. Hire a taxi and get out of town. Take a walk in any national reserve or relax in a country house.

Such a life hack will allow you to be abstract from work processes and even from academic routine. But what if you are a student and need to write papers and not new songs? Perhaps you should delegate your papers and opt for a popular writing service. Pay for essay and concentrate on creating the perfect melody! Perhaps this time, you will create something outstanding.

Go For a Walk

Alternatively, you can visit a local park or walk the streets of your city. The fact is that not all people can write music in a confined space. Sometimes it’s easier to walk around the house than travel hundreds of miles for inspiration. You might even want to meet up with friends and discuss your ideas. Surely you can come up with some interesting musical passages in brainstorming.

Collaborate With a Friend

Imagine that you have recorded the first 30-60 seconds for a new track but are stuck and don’t know which bridge you should use. Or would an instrumental solo be a good option? In any case, you should talk to your friends. Musical collaboration is the best idea for those who are stuck halfway through. Perhaps your friend can help you create the perfect song by suggesting you use multiple samples or other chords.

Relax and Reflect

Many people perceive the process of making music as a job. But can you make your brain generate audio masterpieces? Surely the process of creating tunes works differently. Try to relax and don’t torture your synapses. Lie down on your bed and turn off the TV or radio. And do not think about any daily activities. Maybe you should even drink tea or eat a piece of dark chocolate. Your brain needs an information vacuum to generate something outstanding. As a rule, this strategy works ideally with introverts.

Base Your Song Around Visuals

Usually, composers focus on visual patterns to get a better feel for the music. Let’s say you want to create a new tune and love old architectural styles. Visit an old European city and see ancient houses. Surely visual patterns will help you concentrate on notes and chords. Usually, musicians create melodies in the same way that artists paint pictures. You need a source of inspiration. So musicians should focus on the objects or people that allow them to generate musical ideas.

Listen to the Best Music You Know

Music helps to create music, and this is not a joke. Imagine that you love some songs because they make you feel calm, joyful, or euphoric. How about drawing inspiration from the tunes on your tracklist? Put on your headphones and go for a walk. Surely even a couple of hours is enough for you to have a good time and enjoy the music. You can use your favorite audio patterns to create new music when you get home.

Sleep on It

Sleep is the best medicine for your body and brain. Don’t torture your neural connections in the hope of creating a couple of tunes. Composers usually need to rest and “reboot” to get back to making great music. Surely you already have a couple of ideas and want to focus on something worthy of attention. Get at least a couple of hours of sleep, and you will surely find a good idea. This trick is effective because, during sleep, your brain can abstract from the daily routine and concentrate on creative activities.

Final Words

Many composers use dozens of tricks to write music faster. But you must understand that creating new tunes is different from athletics. So you are unlikely to be happy if you create a new song in a couple of minutes. Your music must be perfect and “polished” like a diamond. Try to use at least a few of the above life hacks, and you will certainly create new songs. Surely you can abstract from the surrounding fuss and focus on notes and chords.