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Is Naked Gun Reboot going ahead?

The Naked Gun trilogy in 1994, the comedy series is still beloved in popular culture

The Naked Gun trilogy is up there with the greatest comedy series ever to hit movie theatres. It enabled Leslie Nielsen to cement his status as one of the greatest funny men on the big screen, and the legacy of the pictures directed by David Zucker and Peter Segal lives on to this day.

It has now been confirmed that there will be a fourth entry to the series, and that Seth MacFarlane is making it. Does this new offering have the potential to be a massive hit that revitalizes the franchise?

The Naked Gun Slot Shows How Movie is Still in the Mainstream

Despite it being nearly thirty years since the release of the third instalment of the Naked Gun trilogy in 1994, the comedy series is still beloved in popular culture. This is highlighted by the reputation of The Naked Gun slot game, one of the top online slots at Paddy Power. The title stands out from the crowd because it has the iconic pink font and the legendary Ford Crown Victoria from the films on its thumbnail.

With players still flocking to games like this, it’s clear that audiences are ready and waiting for another instalment in the film series. This could be why MacFarlane is so keen to make one, as he knows it will be a hit. Of course, it’s also likely that he wants to pay homage to a movie that clearly had a major impact on his own comedy career.

Original Considered One of the Best Spoofs Ever

It’s fair to say that Hollywood doesn’t make spoofs like The Naked Gun anymore. The films were released in what could be considered the golden age of parodies, leading to other classics like Hot Shots! and Hot Shots! Part Deux. Most of the notable offerings of this time were created by the trio known as Zucker, Abrahams and Zucker, which consisted of David and Jerry Zucker and Jim Abrahams.

The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad makes it into the top 10 of Yardbarker’s best spoof movies of all time, and the film is credited for its enduring influence on the genre. It still holds up to today’s audiences with its lighthearted and all-encompassing humor.

What do we Know About the Reboot?

According to Looper, MacFarlane wants to continue the legacy of the classic Naked Gun pictures instead of remaking them. Liam Neeson is in talks to star in the project, with the two having worked together before on A Million Ways to Die in the West and Ted 2. Neeson famously said that it could either take his career in a new direction or end it.

The reboot has been officially confirmed, but there are no details about when production will start or when it will be released. It’s fair to say, though, that MacFarlane has big shoes to fill and there’s a strong chance that the film will not live up to its predecessors.

Whether the new Naked Gun title is a high-quality offering or not, it’s likely to attract a lot of viewers. The series is still well known in popular culture and there are many people who can’t wait to see its return.