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Planning on Visiting Birmingham?

Birmingham is the second-largest city in England and is home to entertainment and culture.

Planning on Visiting Birmingham? You Should Check out the Following Places.

Birmingham is the second-largest city in England and is home to entertainment and culture. Whether you plan to visit the Museum of Science and Discovery or decide to spend the day playing mini-golf after a walk around the botanical gardens, Birmingham has something that appeals to everyone. Here are five different places you should visit if you plan on spending the day in the city.

Cadbury World

As one of the UK’s most popular family attractions, Cadbury World on Linden Road attracts visitors from all over the country. From learning about the history of Cadbury to seeing the Gill Cocks memorabilia collection, this is the perfect place to bring young children. As both an educational day out, with areas where the children can play.

Museum of Science and Discovery

The Thinktank is located on Curzon Street inside the Millennium Point building and is home to four different floors full of exhibits and collections. With over 200 hands-on interactive displays, from machine tools to natural specimens, it really is a visit that will be a fun family day out. There are a whole host of events available, from learning how we can save our planet, to taking part in a silent disco

Mini golf

If museums and science aren’t for you, or you’d rather take someone special on a date, then a game of crazy golf could be on the cards. Birmingham is home to a variety of different courses, such as Ghetto Golf. Spending your time here will provide a crazy golf experience like no other, with graffiti on the walls and amazing street food on offer. This challenging eighteen-hole course makes for an entertaining and memorable experience, which you can find in Birmingham’s creative district.

Clubs and Bars

The nightlife in Birmingham can rival the streets of London, with a range of different clubs and bars to visit. There are different takes on what you can do on a night out, and if you are looking for something different then look no further than Bada Bingo Birmingham. With a festival atmosphere and non-stop revelry, you will feel like you are on a bingo rave with your friends. Bingo has seen a resurgence in the UK in the last ten years, and events like this bring a new twist to the existing formula to appeal to today’s audience.

If you’re looking for somewhere with a more relaxed atmosphere, then the Sunflower Lounge could be what you’re looking for. Known for a whole host of music venues, the Sunflower Lounge is the place to go if you’re looking to broaden your music horizons. The chilled venue and relaxed bar could be the perfect venue for a quiet night out.

Botanical Garden

Located on Westbourne Road, the Botanical Gardens offer a relaxing way to spend some spare time in Birmingham, especially if you’ve been busy visiting museums or taking part in the nightlife. With four different glasshouses and each home to a different ecosystem, you can learn about different environments and which plants survive in different climates.

These places each provide a different view of what life is like in Birmingham, either with educational attractions or the various nightlife options. A day in this city will not be a day that you’ll forget in a hurry.