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‘It Was You (And Me) new EP Lisa Gorry

Lisa Gorry releases her new EP ‘It Was You (And Me)’ out now.

Kildare singer songwriter Lisa Gorry is delighted to release her new EP ‘It Was You (And Me)’ out now.

The 4 track folk-pop EP brings resolution to Gorry’s debut, ‘Is It Me?’ and is a beautifully crafted message of hope and self-love. It highlights a shift in self-understanding for Gorry, brought to the fore in the title single ‘It Was You (and Me)’, released last month which brought attention to the importance of doing the work and being able to come into a new relationship with eyes and heart wide open. The second single, ‘Home’, released along with the EP, illustrates the peace that can be found in being honest with both yourself and your partner and was written in the latter stages of lockdown with the aid of a songwriting circle prompt.

About the EP Gorry says… “We recorded all the tracks for the EP in layers – guitar and vocals first, then strings, then drums and it was such a wonderful process to watch the songs develop. This song [Home] really came alive when the drums went in – it took on a different energy than I’d ever managed to create before and I remember blubbering tears of pure excitement when I heard the rough take!”

Gorry’s EP is full of moments like this – points of tenderness and self-reflection, and has been described as soothing, and radiating empowerment. In ‘It Was You (and Me)’, she seeks to come to terms with the anxious attachment that has dominated previous relationships and to express how wonderful things are now in the arms of someone who understands.

Lisa Gorry is a Kildare singer-songwriter known for her poignant, relatable lyrics and tender yet powerful performance style. She has been releasing music since 2019, with her first single ‘Parts’, and independently released her first EP, ‘Is It Me?’ in October 2021. Her second EP will be the first working with manager Lia Lieghio, of Hear One.