Shazam unveiled its annual Predictions 2024 playlist, a 50-track selection of artists that are perfectly poised to have a breakthrough year. Additionally, Shazam spotlighted five artists from the list who have the potential to break out globally in 2024 and five artists who are gaining popularity regionally.

Five artists with global breakthrough potential

Kenya Grace

Kenya Grace got the world hooked in 2023 with her dance-pop hit “Strangers,” a song that went from her bedroom to the top 40 of Apple Music’s Global Daily Top 100 in a matter of months. “I hope people are hearing [and IDing] my music in clubs,” she tells Apple Music, regarding the breathy, shuffling record built for a sweaty—albeit mellow—dance floor. “Going out when I was a teenager really shaped my artistry. It was so inspiring to hear dance music at clubs and parties for the first time.” From June to December her streams grew over 12,000% on Apple Music worldwide as “Strangers” was featured on editorial playlists like Today’s Hits, A-List Pop, and danceXL. All told the song reached the Daily Top 100 in more than 100 countries worldwide, and reached No. 1 on 16 different national Shazam charts, the most for a song by a solo British act in 2023.

In 2024, the artist wants to drop a full-length album and perhaps throw herself deeper into the party. “I want to release a body of work—and I’d love to play some festivals!”

The Last Dinner Party

Given the success of their first few singles, British art rock band The Last Dinner Party are set for a big debut when Prelude to Ecstasy arrives next month. The band’s debut single “Nothing Matters” is The Last Dinner Party’s most Shazamed track to date, charting in Australia, Austria and Belgium and also became their first song to reach Apple Music’s Daily Top 100. “One of the first moments that made us feel like real musicians—and no longer just pretending to be—was when a friend heard ‘Nothing Matters’ in a nightclub in Australia and saw a few hands shoot up to Shazam it,” The Last Dinner Party’s Abigail Morris tells Apple Music. “It’s so surreal to imagine that happening in countries all over the world.” Subsequent singles like “Sinner” and “My Lady of Mercy” also reached Shazam charts and contributed to an uplift in tags over the autumn, leading the band to be featured in the latest Apple Music Sessions program.

Next year, the group plans to release their debut album. “That will be our main priority,” Morris says. “That and, of course, fame and fortune.”

Bloody Civilian

“People are most likely Shazamming my music in Ubers,” the Nigerian singer-songwriter Emoseh Khamofu tells Apple Music. Bloody Civilian’s streams and Shazams have been on the rise since November 2022, when she was featured on the soundtrack to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, scoring her first Daily Top 100 hit. Bloody Civilian made her Shazam chart debut in April 2023 with “I Don’t Like You,” which also became her second Daily Top 100 hit. But it’s in the latter half of 2023 that things really started to pick up, with her debut EP Anger Management reaching the top 10 of the Afrobeats albums chart in 69 countries worldwide, including nine where it reached No. 1. Her streams on editorial playlists grew over 50% in the last six months of the year.

The artist says that next year she’ll focus on building community: “Growing my fanbase, connecting with more creatives, and giving back,” she says. “I want to be able to inspire young women to strive for bigger and better, to not stay within any box.”

Flyana Boss

All the ingredients are there for Flyana Boss to have an absolutely massive 2024. The Los Angeles hip-hop duo, composed of Bobbi LaNea Tyler and Folayan Omi Kunerede, already have a collaboration with Missy Elliot with “You Wish,” which helped them reach a new peak in Shazams worldwide and introduced them to new listeners on Apple Music. “It makes us really excited to think that people could be casually living, hear our song, and feel inclined to take out their phone to find out who we are,” Bobbi Lanea Tyler tells Apple Music. All told, their streams on Apple Music soared over 3,000% in 2023 as their music was featured on Viral Hits, High Maintenance and Rap Life. They also landed on the New Music Daily cover in 2023 with the release of “Bitch Imma Star.”

Next year promises big things. “We’re going on tour, that’s a big one, and we’re releasing more music. [It’s] time to build the Flyana Boss world.”


K-pop boy band RIIZE made it impossible for the world not to fall for them with their catchy, funky and feel-good hit “Get a Guitar.” The song surfaced on Shazam’s Japan Discovery chart for the first time in September, and by October, it had soared to No. 1 on South Korea’s Daily Top 100 — their first song to achieve this feat. “Get a Guitar” went on to reach No. 11 on Shazam’s global K-Pop chart, and became one of the biggest hits in Korea in 2023: It finished the year at No. 65 on Apple Music’s Top Songs of 2023: Korea chart.

“I want to perform in various countries and meet [our fanbase] BRIIZE who have cheered for us [around the world],” SHOTARO tells Apple Music. ANTON says the key will be continuing to hone their craft as a collective. “As important as it is to go global and meet more BRIIZE, we want to be a band that can give [people] precious memories with good music for a long time,” he says. “Dreaming big and growing as a band is our goal.” Recently, ANTON has been using a catchphrase for motivation. “I’ve been saying ‘RIIZE will continue to rise,’” he says. “It’s on us members to make that a reality.”

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