Following the announcement earlier this year that Sir Tim Rice will be adding his name to BBC Maestro’s platform of world-class experts, full course details are now available for Writing and Performing Musical Theatre. This exclusive online course will share backstage access into the world of musical theatre, song writing and performance.

“In my BBC Maestro course, I will look at my process for writing for musical theatre, along with candidly sharing the ups and downs that come with the choice of doing this career for a living. I will break down some of my greatest hits to allow you to see how one gets from an initial idea to successfully telling a rich story.”

Sir Tim Rice will walk through every step of his creative process, sharing invaluable insights and an unrivalled understanding of what’s needed to “make it” in the world of musical theatre. Subjects covered within the course will include What Makes a Good Lyric, Artistic Collaboration, Writing for Film, Performance: Auditioning Tips, Writing a Hit Song, Adapting a Failed Song, and Getting a Musical Produced Today.

“No one formally taught me how to write a smash hit musical, and there is no playbook for this kind of career path. I hope that sharing what I can and giving you an insight into my techniques and processes will help you take the first steps you’ve been waiting for, put pen to paper, and write the next West End and Broadway smash hit!”

Across 23 lessons, those keen to break into the genre will learn to hone their storytelling through writing, performing, and collaborating with other artists. The course will feature technical guidance on the art of performance, essential steps to crafting a timeless musical, and hard-earned advice on the business of writing for film. Comprehensive course notes will accompany each lesson, providing additional practical tips and interactive exercises for aspiring lyricists and performers to further develop their musical toolkit.

“Every musical you write will teach you more about the technique and art of writing and composing; it will teach you more about yourself and your amazing ability to inspire others with your ideas. You will never stop growing as long as you remain true to what it is you want to say.”

The course will also see notable special guests join Sir Tim Rice to lend their industry expertise to the course. Eight-time Oscar winner, Alan Menken, will join Sir Tim to share his thoughts on partnerships and the importance of writing a connected score rather than just a collection of songs. A conversation with esteemed casting director Jane Deitch will feature practical tips for auditioning and performing for aspiring and working actors alike. And Sir Tim will also speak with theatrical producer Nick Allott about how to get your musical onto the stage and what musicals work and why.

“My journey was an unconventional one, and I will use this BBC Maestro course to show you that as long as you have passion for storytelling and musical theatre, you can find your own path to success. No two paths are the same, but perhaps yours starts here.”

Sir Tim’s course on Writing and Performing Musical Theatre will be available from 27 September via The BBC Maestro platform features a series of extended, in-depth lessons filmed in 4K with an eclectic mix of prestigious experts. It allows participants to explore new areas of learning from the comfort of their own home.

Sir Tim Rice’s BBC Maestro course on Writing and Performing Musical Theatre will be available here.

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